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Independent booking or going with an operator (Neilson)

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janinlondon Mon 11-Dec-06 12:13:04

We are thinking half term Norway, and I have found that booking independently would save us some money. Are there advantages to going with a recognised operator (in this case Neilson)? We would be in the same hotel, and as far as I can see the same ski school for kids. Am I missing something?

LIZS Mon 11-Dec-06 12:30:20

The main "benefit" of a package is that things like transfers, ski & boot hire, lift passes, lessons can be sorted out without you having to queue or arrange it yourself and there may be apres-ski activities arranged as an exclusive group(which may well cost more separately). Most reps will also offer advice to independent guests though. You may find they have first call on English speaking instructors so your kids may not be in the same group as the kids with the operator but that varies from one ski school to another tbh. Demand for places in lessons can be high at half term so be prepared to book up as soon as you get there. Also you may or may not get the same room type, view , menu as the tour operator's guests (they block book a specific category of room and board). However in our experience the "benefit" comes at a price which means isn't of significant value to us !

MrLSG Mon 11-Dec-06 16:36:34

If you thinking Norway, then have a look at Norweigan Wood . They have a decent selection of resorts with some excellent-looking skiing and are flexible on flight arrangements. Being the only UK operator in most (all?) of their resorts, the resorts don't tend to get stupidly busy during half term.

(no connection etc).

crunchie Mon 11-Dec-06 21:04:44

see how much can be booked independantly via the internet. I have booked my holiday with an operator (Esprit) as I wanted some specific things, including other english kids and english speaking instructors (We had a disaster with french ones last time and this persauded my kids to go!) HOwever ski hire was 236E booked online and it was over £250 booked via Esprit. Ski passes I am dithering about as we only save about £30 across 4 passes and it would be easier to get them done by Esprit.

TBH depends what you want from the place I would book separately (have done before) if it was cheaper

janinlondon Tue 12-Dec-06 10:57:52

Thanks guys - this is all really helpful.

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