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ski schools in Morzine

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Ktay Mon 26-Oct-15 07:43:52

Looking for recommendations please... DD2 (4) will be on skis for first time; DD1 (6) is an excellent skier but is a bit wary following a hairy experience with a chairlift on our penultimate run last season so needs someone who will be sympathetic to this! Must be English-speaking as DD1 has ended up in non-English classes the last two years. Willing to pay a bit more to avoid ESF and help the girls have a great experience. Looks like half-term lessons are already booking up!

Thanks in advance...

Skilover Mon 26-Oct-15 14:23:16

Have you tried the British Alpine Ski School in Morzine?

Alwaysfrank Mon 26-Oct-15 14:31:41

Another vote for BASS - we used them for several years, instructors all lovely.

Boleh Mon 26-Oct-15 14:44:44

I went with BASS in Morzine as an adult, fairly novice skier (a few lessons and weekends in Scotland) a few years ago and had a mixed experience. Early in the first group lesson I had a bad experience on the ski lift, student next to me stood on my skis as we got off and I fell, lift ended up going over my head - I was terrified, instructor seemed to think it was my own stupid fault. Was unsympathetic and treated me as a nuisance for the rest of the lesson. Unsuprisingly I had a very bad day and was told the next morning I'd been downgraded from the blue group to green, had an utterly pointless lesson then doing stuff even I was perfectly capable of in a very slow snowplough.
However... I called them following that 2nd lesson and told them how disappointed I was and that I wanted to cancel the rest of the lessons. They were horrified and suggested I trade the rest of the group lessons for an extended private lesson. I was given one of their senior instructors and by the end of the morning was confidently parallel turning on blue runs :-)
So despite not loving the group situation and maybe having a personality clash with instructor one, the BASS organisation as a whole handled it fantastically and I would definitely have private lessons with them again! I think I'm just too old and too nervous for a group.

Boleh Mon 26-Oct-15 14:45:54

Oh and totally fluent English :-)

Ktay Mon 26-Oct-15 17:37:30

Ooh lots of replies, thank you! Looks like BASS are defo worth a call then. Has anyone used Evolution?

Ktay Tue 27-Oct-15 12:58:49

BASS already booked up envyany other non ESF ideas??

Alwaysfrank Tue 27-Oct-15 15:08:56

We have used New Generation in another resort - think they are in Morzine as well. The Snow Institute is another British one - no direct experience but they always looked professional on the slopes. Unlike ESF IMHO!

Ktay Tue 27-Oct-15 16:27:24

Brill thank you, will investigate. Can't believe people have booked lessons already, I thought we had ages!

massistar Mon 02-Nov-15 13:44:31

We used The Snow Institute last year.. They were great. And much more reasonable prices than BASS.

Ktay Mon 02-Nov-15 15:47:54

The Snow Institute and New Generation only have space for one each unfortunately, both starting late morning. We are probably going to risk the Snow School - they are like a premium ESF. Has anyone come across them before?

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