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transfer safety seat?

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Naboo Sun 03-Dec-06 20:21:23

hi - any tips on the lack of child seats on foreign bus transport, for an 18 month yr old?

never been before and worried that our toddler won't be secured in a seat, on transfer to resort.

any advise greatly welcome.

LIZS Sun 03-Dec-06 20:29:07

No he/she probably won't ahvbe a child seat and you may find he/she hasn't even been allocated his own seat on the bus , as on the aircraft. Where are you going ?

bettythebauble Sun 03-Dec-06 20:36:02

I took reins and put them on dd and looped the long strap over the back of the seat. Better than nothing, I suppose!

Naboo Sun 03-Dec-06 21:06:37

that's what i was going to do bettythebauble, although someone did say they may cause damage to the torso should we have an accident. i thought it was better than being propelled forward into a seat or windscreen. i think i'll still use them. what to do ey?

liz - valdezer.

wish there were standard laws about it - so you didn't have to worry. it's rubbish.

MrLSG Sun 03-Dec-06 21:34:25

We always take a car seat with us and get it put in the hold on the plane. Some airlines can be a bit stroppy though: scheduled are usually fine, although did have to pay BA excess luggage once - fortunately car seats are quite light.

If you do decide to do this, do check there is a seat on the transfer bus to use it on.

bettythebauble Sun 03-Dec-06 22:03:45

...and a seatbelt on the bus seat, to strap it in with!

naboo, that's what I thought, ie if the bus driver braked sharply, at least she wouldn't end up hurtling throught the windscreen.

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