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Skiing hols as a single parent -- manageable?

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newnamesamegame Fri 25-Sep-15 13:18:38

Wonder if anyone can help -- I'm a single parent to a nearly 5 year old girl and am dying to go skiing -- have been twice in my life, not for years (dad was disabled so we never went as a family). I'd really like to go and I've spoken to people who think my DD is not too young.

But I'm wondering how the logistics work if you go on your own with a small kid -- presumably they get shunted off to ski school and you go to a separate ski school. Is it worth it or is it just not much fun on your own?

lottysmum Fri 25-Sep-15 20:24:02


I run a single parent Holiday Meet Up group and we have run skiing holidays for a few years now (we just holiday has group of single parents).

Different countries adopt different policies in terms of skiing lessons and sometimes it is possible to learn together but I think your daughter maybe too young for this option could look at private lessons...

We are running a group trip to Andorra at New Year where the age range is 6 to 16 years and I know one of the dads who is going has a 6 year old who will go into ski school - but the dad can ski ....

The logistics can be difficult dependent on the resort - I have found that most good ski schools will advise you of what time you need to pick your child up (lunch and finish) and they also would not release your child until you turned up - if you are both using the same ski school they will also be flexible as long as they are aware of the situation...

We are called One Plus - you will find us on a site called Meet Up ...

If there are any single parents on site -we do have one room available for the Andorra trip - we are also off the Borovets in Feb but that trip is full

no73 Mon 05-Oct-15 12:15:18

Yes of course you will be fine. If it wasn't for my mates deciding to come along in Jan I'd be going on my own with a 6 year old. However, one of my friends hasn't ever skied and the other one hasn't skied in 20years so I will either be joining in on the guided ski (going club med) or skiing on my own.

I quite like skiing down the slopes on my own despite being a rubbish skier.

Have you asked any friends if they want to go?

FanSpamTastic Mon 05-Oct-15 12:21:15

Mark Warner skiing holidays run groups for adults. You would drop dd off with the nannies who take them to ski school and then pick them up after. You would then join your group of adults to ski for the day. Their groups are set by ability.

Artandco Thu 08-Oct-15 11:40:25

Yes it's fine. My 5 year old now skis with us a lot but he's been skiing since 2 so has had a few years practice.

For you I would say put her in ski school or with a private instructor 9-12 daily, and you ski wherever you like. Then meet up for lunch together and spend the afternoon either practicing on nursery and easy blue runs together or swimming/ ice skating/ sledge rides/ shopping etc

Artandco Thu 08-Oct-15 11:41:47

Actually a favourite thing my children love is late afternoon just sitting in deckchairs on the slopes say 4pm ish and drinking hot chocolate and eating cake whilst watching all the skiers come in before the lifts close

LyndaNotLinda Thu 08-Oct-15 11:47:25

If you want people to hang out with in the evenings, there's loads of single parent holiday companies that offer ski trips.

I found the evenings the hardest/loneliest bits when DS was little so we tend to go on holiday (and skiing) with friends

Artandco Thu 08-Oct-15 11:55:03

Also bare in mind regular chalets you can usually book just by the room. So a 12 person chalet could be booked by 6 different rooms. So if you booked a room for you and daughter, you could have 10 others to socialise with in the evening or even ski with during the morning.

Catered Chalets better than hotels imo as in the evening daughter can eat dinner in pjamas if she likes and you can put to bed and carry on chatting/ drinking in living room without the whole ' leaving child alone in hotel room'. You might find certain chalets more catered to children or spilt bookings or smaller groups sharing a chalet

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