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Seefeld Austria new year....

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Flowertop Tue 28-Nov-06 11:49:30

Hi has anyone been. First time skiing two families with 2 x DS's and 2 X DD's. Not sure what clothes to take. How many ski trousers will we need? What do we wear in the evenings (is it dressy up). Will we be in ski trousers all day? Sorry to ask so many questions but really don't want to pack loads of stuff needlessly.
Thanks for any/all responses.

MrLSG Tue 28-Nov-06 13:48:00

One pair of ski trousers is fine - assuming you aren't in the habit of jumping in ponds etc , and yes you'll be in them all day whilst skiing.

When not skiing, then assuming you aren't staying somwhere really posh, then it's usually pretty informal - I tend to just be in jeans/t-shirt, although I do know a few skiers who like to dress up. Some resorts (dunno about Seefeld) do have a posh club or so for which you would need to dress appropriately.

Flowertop Tue 28-Nov-06 14:16:58

MrLSG thanks for top advice! Def not doing clubs as haven't done these for years and years!

A Fri 01-Dec-06 21:07:02

Hi flowertop - I went to Seefeld years ago as a teenager so my memories are a bit vague - a really pretty village I think. We normally go for plenty of thin(ish) layers to ski in and adjust for temperature (and long johns under ski trousers if it's really cold). I think there's a great pool in the village too, if it is still there and you like swimming.

LIZS Wed 06-Dec-06 10:42:09

Smart casual is normal in the evenings. For dd I'll usually pack a pinafore and tights for the evening to slip over a polo neck top which she'll then wear next day for skiing. For ds jeans and a long sleeved top. You would usually wear the snow trousers outside(especially kids who will jump in any available snow) unless you are just strolling around the village in which case jeans are fine unless it is snowing heavily. I always take a pair of casual fitness trousers to wear to breakfast so I don't have to layer up until the last minute but it is normal for kids to wear their snow trousers or leggings/jogging bottoms and slippers indoors. The hotels tend to be very warm inside. You should only need one set of outer layer clothes (they dry fairly quickly) maybe 2 for the kids if you are concerned and proper snow boots (not wellies!) but allow at least 2 or 3 changes of under layers over a week and take some travel wash.


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