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La Plagne???? good or bad

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caroline3 Wed 29-Nov-06 23:31:56

Great, have a brill time and hope you get lots of snow.

crunchie Wed 29-Nov-06 20:45:54

BOOKED for La Bovate I hope it's nice

caroline3 Tue 28-Nov-06 15:16:36

Hi I went to Monchavin with Esprit years ago. Had a good time. Quite low altitude so not always poss to ski back from La Plagne. Runs to resort get very icy so not recommended for nervous skiers. Need to allow at least an hour or more to get back from central La Plagne due to the fact there is one chairlift that you have to get. Les Arcs link not open when I was there but that obviously is a great advantage.

Kids go up in the Gondala to the next resort for their lessons and come back the same way. Nice area for non skiing kids as a few goats etc around. Hope this helps and have a good time!!!

crunchie Sun 26-Nov-06 12:45:13

yep with Esprit I am happy with red runs as DH and I ski pretty well. I want a quiet sort of place too so again not bothered by shops. I like the fact it looks really close to teh Vanoise express meaning we can ski both sides really easily.


binkacat Sun 26-Nov-06 12:19:27

BTW, there is a little spa type shop as well as the gift shop. I'd happily go back to Montchavin. Hubby reckoned it smelled of goats

binkacat Sun 26-Nov-06 12:17:46

I've been to Montchavin - is it with Esprit by any chance? They have a few chalets there.

Anyway - the place itself is very quiet. 2 restaurants and a gift shop. I rememeber not been able to buy a newspaper there (3 years ago though). The "blue" runs back into the resort are actually red - but you can take the bubble if thats a problem. Its never far to walk to the lifts.

The big new cable car over to Les Arcs has opened now, Wasn't open when I went. Nice skiing, evolution 2 ski school who are very good.

crunchie Sun 26-Nov-06 10:23:15

bump for sunday peeps

crunchie Sat 25-Nov-06 17:13:50

We are thinking of going to Monchavin, anything to know???

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