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Esprit and allergies

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Whichoneisit Thu 13-Aug-15 17:02:01

Has anyone else skied with Esprit with a child with allergies?

We were charged a £50 supplement for our five year old for him to be provided with a dairy free menu.

He wasn't given alternatives other than milk (which I could have taken and saved £49).

Has anyone else experienced this?

Noseypoke Thu 13-Aug-15 17:09:42

Yes, we were charged �50 too. Thought it was pretty poor. They hadn't bought anything else extra like soya yoghurts for our �50.

Whichoneisit Thu 13-Aug-15 17:26:22

When I complained he was provided with some sour tasting soya yoghurts which needed a gallon of strawberry sauce to improve the taste.

I emailed the resort in advance to check he would be offered and fed the same as the other children (given the supplement £) and I was assured he would. Day after day I would find him upset at lunchtime/dinner because he was being offered fruit ((and strawberry sauce yoghurt) while the others had ice cream etc.

Never any cakes etc offered at afternoon tea, only a cucumber sandwich without dairy free spread.

I don't think they should charge - never experienced this before. Especially as they don't provide.

UniS Thu 13-Aug-15 17:40:01

2 of the children in our group were dairy free, 1 also gluten free. 1 adult gluten free and 1 vegi. Our cook was a star, and a good cook. He dealt with the kids meals with no hassle. Soya milk and yogurts, olive oil spread, gf bread and breakfast cereal were all on hand. Gf Df pasta, chips with some meals, rice with others. Kids puddings were varied and not always to everyone's taste .One child with no intoletances had strong dislikes of banana and citrus and jelly, so funnily enough it was a child not on a special diet who had the least pudding choice as he just ended with apple on a number of days.
I think it is luck of the draw about how good your cook is. We were in a small property, just 4 families.

Whichoneisit Thu 13-Aug-15 17:41:40

That's reassuring.

We were in a hotel.

Whichoneisit Thu 13-Aug-15 21:20:02


Noseypoke Thu 13-Aug-15 22:21:08

DS may have had a special cake made for afternoon tea, but I may be confusing that with another skiing holiday. We have also skied with crystal and Snowbizz both of which did not charge extra and the food DS got with crystal was amazing (practically a side of salmon between the kids, steak and parmentier potatoes)

Whichoneisit Thu 13-Aug-15 22:25:20

Wow! They sound fantastic!

anotherdayanothersquabble Mon 17-Aug-15 13:17:57

We spent a weekend with Reach for the Alps and eat a broadly Paleo diet due to a combination of allergies. It was absolutely amazing. They took care of everything, even afternoon tea, let me know what was in everything and didn't once ask me to give suggestions or check if something was OK, they just followed my instructions to the letter. I would highly recommend them!

toocheekyforwords Mon 17-Aug-15 17:27:34

We've been with Family Ski Company (and are going again in Jan) and last year a boy in another family in our chalet was allergic to dairy (and something else but can't remember what it was) and he was treated like royalty, my kids ate the same dairy-free treats at afternoon tea, they were actually really good! From previous experiences times in their chalets they catered for other allergies too, give them a try, I recommend to everyone!

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