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Wanted - NICE SKI instructor in Les Deux Alpes - January

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scatterbrain Fri 17-Nov-06 12:18:09

Hi everyone,

We're going on our second ski holiday in January - and last years was rather ruined by ESF ski instructors. Won't rant about it all again - but they were less than kind to dd (then 5) and very impatient with me and I ended up with a very badly sprained knee ! This was both my and dd's first attempt at skiing and very offputting !

Anyway - I remember last year someone was recommending some English ski instructors out there and wondered if you could tell me about them again ?

Ideally dd and I would like to have lessons together - we had both reached the stage of snow ploughing and not mush more ! We need a nice slow, sympathetic person who won't laugh at us, push us or make us feel stupid !

Anyone suggest someone ?

Thank you !

scatterbrain Fri 17-Nov-06 14:35:18


MrLSG Fri 17-Nov-06 15:13:53

You want Charlotte Swift , aka Easiski. If she's not available herself, she'll be able to recommend someone else.

scatterbrain Fri 17-Nov-06 15:37:05

Oooh thank you - looks great !

Have you used her yourself ?

MrLSG Fri 17-Nov-06 17:03:12

Some of our group used her many years ago. She will have forgotten - in fact I've had discussions with her on another forum and I know she's forgotton

She's also a sort-of-colleague, I'm also a NICE SKI instructor, as is MrsLS(G)*, but in January I'll be in Sestriere, and she'll be at home (or more likely work) keeping her bump warm.

*That's not her nickname on here, although you may be able to work it out as she does post on ski threads occasionally - but is usually too busy working.

scatterbrain Fri 17-Nov-06 20:06:09

Oh fabulous - thanks - I will email her now !!

Thank You

scatterbrain Sat 18-Nov-06 19:28:23

Hooray - Thank you so much - have booked Charlotte - and have had a long email convo with her - she sounds lovely !

Thank You !!!

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