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Easter skiing - la Tania or Les Deux Alpes

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prepperpig Thu 07-May-15 16:10:17

Has anyone been to both resorts? We are looking at next Easter with a large mixed group of families and have found two different chalets. Which resort would you go for? Everyone has skied before but experience ranges from practically a beginner to expert skier.

MonoNoAware Wed 03-Jun-15 10:01:24

Sorry, haven't been to La Tania, but I can give you a quick summary of the pros and cons of Les Deux Alpes:

The good:
- The altitude and glacier make it almost completely snow sure, which will be important at Easter
- There is a good variety of green and easy blue runs up the mountain, which means that the beginners will not be relegated to the bunny runs at the foot of the mountain
- The off piste is good, especially with a guide
- I can highly recommend Firstrax if you want small group and private tuition
- We went in February and, although very busy, queue times were still just about manageable

The bad:
- The piste rating is dodgy to say the least! Many blues would be rated red elsewhere in France, which can be unnerving to beginners
- The mountain is very exposed with few trees, which gives lovely views on sunny days, but does leave it very vulnerable to 'white out' when the clouds descend. This may not be a huge problem at Easter, but we lost a few afternoons in February to it.
- Beginners and early intermediates will find themselves reliant on gondolas to get back down the mountain each day as there are no blue runs back into the valley and the only green is a narrow, overcrowded death trap that everyone you meet will warn you to avoid!
- Not all the runs are easily accessible from the main ski areas, so unless you are comfortable on blacks, you'll probably find yourself repeating terrain quite a bit

All that said, it's good value for money and we are considering returning next year.

MonoNoAware Wed 03-Jun-15 10:02:14

Just noticed that the OP posted nearly a month ago blush

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