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Breast Feeding 6 Month Old and Skiing?

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keith904 Sat 04-Nov-06 09:03:48

We are thinking of going skiing in April. We have four kids who will be 7yrs, 5yrs and 2yrs, but the smallest will be 6months in April and is breast fed. Has anyone been skiing whilst still breast feeding? What did you do? How did it work out?

We skied with Esprit in La Rosiere last year which was a fabuous success. Does anyone have any family friendly resort recomendations for April time?

moondog Sat 04-Nov-06 09:05:27

Been skiing plenty but not with kids.
I salute you!
By the time I'g got them all sorted,I'd be too bloody knackered to hit the slopes.

Done lots of other holidays abroad with b/fed babies and it was fine though.

LIZS Sat 04-Nov-06 10:47:57

In April you'd have to aim fr a high resort to ensure snow and even then you may be chancing snow on the lower nursery slopes. You could have a look at Saas Fee. We skiied there last April and had fresh snow but that is unusual even at that altitude. The resort is traffic free and has other activities going on such as an excellent year round toboggan run and indoor pool. Transfer 3 hours-ish from Geneva.

Esprit go there and their hotel is handy for the slopes but personally wouldn't stay there. We've stayed at the Alphubel in the past which whilst further away and fairly basic but is very family orientated , has free childcare in-house (run by British dil of owners who has a baby and toddler herself) and a free electric shuttle bus to the slopes. Under 6's stay and eat free and there are interconnecting family rooms. Another MNetter is going there at Christmas I think. Some UK tour operators(Crystal, Swiss Travel and Inghams) go there but it is cheaper to book direct !

LIZS Sat 04-Nov-06 10:51:00

oh and yes dd was b'fed and we lived over in Switzerland at the time. She fed anywhere and it was very accepted. Don't wear an all in one though as that is a pita to forrage around with, and you'll get cold if you have to strip it down, prefer a loose jacket or full lenght zip fleece and no straps to ski trousers!

snorkle Sat 04-Nov-06 11:42:16

Message withdrawn

AlPal71 Sun 12-Nov-06 21:37:18


I took my 5 month old with us skiing in Chamonix.

We took my mum with us, and rented an apartment.

I skiied from 9.30am - 12am, which was great, and then my mum met us at the bottom of the slopes, and I fed my son then.

I did not ski in the afternoons, but that was enough for me.

Good Luck!!

Pollyanna Sun 12-Nov-06 21:40:37

I took my four to La Rosiere the last 2 years - dd3 was breastfed both times(I think she was about 3 months old the first time) - it was fine. I just skied for shorter periods of time and went back to resort to feed her. I took my mobile with me in case I was needed.

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