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Snowing here in Austria

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lapsedrunner Thu 02-Nov-06 07:20:49

Please to report the first dusting of the season this morning , and we are no where near the mountains. Resort webcams are all starting to show snowy scenes.

Schhh Thu 02-Nov-06 07:34:05

yeah, I saw the first snow on the mountains yesterday. Snow here in bavaria too last night.

AntEater Fri 03-Nov-06 01:21:51


Californifirework Fri 03-Nov-06 01:37:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BudaBeast Fri 03-Nov-06 05:07:05

Snow showers forcast for here too (Budapest).

But temps back up to 12 or so next week thank God!

Y1 Fri 03-Nov-06 05:12:32

28 degrees hot in australia

BudaBeast Fri 03-Nov-06 05:13:50

Ooh 28 degrees sounds just nice. Mind you it was 23 here last Friday!!

We have had an amazing Autumn.

Y1 Fri 03-Nov-06 05:28:21

we are just going into our summer. today had air conditioning on. But does get to 39-40 easy by december. You ski we swim.

Steppy1 Fri 03-Nov-06 06:02:52 you guys get the beautiful extremes during winter....and we usually get lots of rain !!!!!!!...though it has been beautiful these last few days, cold (in our terms !!), a bit frosty and glorious sunshine.....

BudaBeast Fri 03-Nov-06 13:02:25

Well went shopping this morning - wearing sunglasses for dirving as v. sunny. Went into shop. Came out 30 mins later to SNOW!!!!!


It's all gone now thank God.

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