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Les Arcs

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alp Fri 20-Oct-06 21:40:55

We have an opportunity to go to Les Arcs and will need to find our little darling, child care and ski school. DD is 3 and is having the usual 3 year old tantrums so they'll need to cope with that! Any ideas?

binkacat Sat 21-Oct-06 21:41:02

Which les arcs are you staying at?

esf are at 1600, 1800, 2000

Spirit 1950 are a good ski school at 1950, they all cater for children from the age of 3.

binkacat Sat 21-Oct-06 21:43:43

BTW, they all the ski schools have their own kids clubs. So you can drop them off in the mornig and pick them up at the end of the day. They will have inside play, outside play, lunch and a bit of a ski.

link for 1950 -

alp Sun 22-Oct-06 20:49:43

thanks for that - i discovered sprit. we are staying (poss) at 2000.
Other posts i have read steer people away from the ESF ski schools so it we do use spirit at 1950 how easy is it to get between the 2?

binkacat Sat 28-Oct-06 20:02:43

There's a cable car between the two resorts so easy to zip little ones between the two.

DastardlyDevilishDior Sat 28-Oct-06 20:09:16

I stayed at Les Arcs 2000 in 2000 (ironically!) Hotel was very smoky. Loved the resort though. Sorry that isn't much help with your actual questions though!

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