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Anyone used chalet catering delivery or chefs?

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crappyday Thu 08-Jan-15 12:53:07

I am trying to plan a skiing holiday for next year. We are a big group, and consequently have differing needs.
I am therefore at the moment considering all options. Some in our group would not consider self catering, as for them half the point is not having to cook/ wash up etc.
but for location & convenience in the resort we want, self catering chalets look better (and much cheaper obvs!)

So I'm now looking at catering brought in- has anyone done this? Either having meals delivered, or a chef coming and doing it in your chalet?

Trickydecision Sat 10-Jan-15 16:39:20

Someone on another thread mentioned It might be worth your having a look. Not cheap but not outrageously expensive. They only serve a few resorts though. No peronal experience of them.

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