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Skiing to Morzine for the half term week- where to stop over on drive down?

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Bozzle Thu 01-Jan-15 18:06:11

Any advice please. Going after school on the friday, crossing on le shuttle and then going as far as we can ( assuming no delays). Is it worth getting the toll booth widget thingy ( Are there queues at the pay booths?
Thank you for any ideas and tips.

MummaMinnie Thu 01-Jan-15 20:35:51

Hi Bozzle. We're doing the same as you and are going over on the Shuttle - we've got a 4pm-ish departure. We're planning on staying in a budget hotel in Troyes (it's what we did last year) and then get up sharpish the next day to drive the rest of the way. It's costing 39EUR for the room plus about another 10EUR for breakfast for the three of us. We got to Troyes for about 9pm or so last time we went, and then had a quick bite to eat before bed. DD was tired the next day but OK. We didn't have any trouble with the traffic on the Friday but it was busy on the Saturday and I wish we'd left at 7am instead of 8am. I also wish we'd got petrol the night before as the first services we stopped at were mobbed. I don't remember the tolls being too bad on the Saturday just that the roads were busy. Hope this helps smile

MummaMinnie Thu 01-Jan-15 20:38:56

And last year we were travelling to Les Contamines (not that far from Morzine). This year we're near Mégève which, again, is not far from Morzine. Have you been there before?

sinclair Fri 02-Jan-15 15:16:02

I think it depends what time your shuttle crossing is, and if later whether you have the Flexi booking that allows you on even if there are queues. We have done this a couple of times from west London at half term and the queues were massive by the time we got to Folkestone

We have stayed no further south than Laon, in a cheap hotel on the motorway, and then got up early. An hour less in bed is 2 or 3 hours less time in the queues nearer the mountains. Last year we were in La Rosiere about 4 after leaving at 7.30 am.

We didn't bother with the prepaid system for the tolls but I would if I was more organised. We have queued for inevitable accident or snowfall more than at the tolls TBH.

Bisous Mon 05-Jan-15 17:11:52

We live in GVA and drive between here and the UK and stop at It's just off the highway so no time wasting in/out of a town and a good half way point between GVA/UK. It has a pool, jucuzzi & sauna which are great for mid-drive relaxation. :-)

Bozzle Tue 06-Jan-15 18:34:09

I have been to Morzine and Les Gets before but a long time ago. DH did ski season there. Thanks for these ideas. Will check out Le Val Moret.

CaurnieBred Wed 07-Jan-15 13:44:08

Be warned that this year the Paris half term week co-incides with the English half term, which it hasn't done for the last couple of years. The roads on the Saturday going South and into resorts will probably be busier as a result. See French motorway predictor here:

The folks on Snowheads recommend getting as far south as possible on the Friday and be up as early as possible on the Saturday morning to continue the rest of the journey.

southbucks77 Fri 09-Jan-15 23:13:27

We're staying in Reims

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