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skiing with 2yo and 3mo? are we insane?

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utopian99 Sat 20-Dec-14 02:37:32

So - we used to go every year and then haven't since ds1 was born due to timing and moving house. We can for the first time in 2 years this spring, but ds2 will only be 3 months old by then. Someone in our nct group said they'd been when their ds1 was smaller and apparently the higher altitude plus relatively enclosed nature of the resort hotels often mean bugs are easier for little ones to catch.

Have any of you experienced this or got an opinion? It would probably only be a long weekend Thursday to Monday or something anyway, but are we mad? Also, I am aware that although DH is easily good enough (and a skier) to wear ds2, I am not good enough (and to complicate things am a boarder) to wear either of them.

We'd still be keen in principle though!

Any thoughts on any of this welcome!

Millie2013 Sat 20-Dec-14 07:46:43

For a long weekend I'm not sure it's worth the hassle (a week might be a bit different). I'm already dreading getting 22mo out to the Alps next week. Unless you get somewhere with a v short transfer and fly out of a local airport?

Re the babies at altitude stuff, the only experience I have of this is when a couple with the same TO as us (same resort and transfer coach) took a 3mo baby and she ended up very, very poorly, with something altitude related and was airlifted to hospital (the family had to stay out there, so I never did hear the ending). That said, as long as you don't go to a v high altitude resort, chances are baby would be fine

Have you got a relative (maybe one of your parents) who would be happy to join you and help with childcare? Or (if you're not BF), could you leave them here, with grandparents?

shelfontheelf Sat 20-Dec-14 07:51:18

I think so, sorry.

We are ex every winter skiers, DTs are 3 now and we don't plan to go until next year and put them into ski school.

Would it even be enjoyable if you are sleep deprived with a new baby?

BingoBonkers Sat 20-Dec-14 07:52:02

I haven't taken young children skiing yet. I probably wouldn't take them until the youngest was 3/4. I can't imagine getting much skiing done with young ones esp once you've worked around naps/meals/breast or formula feeding and carting nappies and endless supplies up and down the mountain. At least with 3/4 yo you will get a definite couple of hours if you put them in ski school.

ishouldcocoaHoHoHoHoHo Sat 20-Dec-14 07:54:32

My DS - now 16!- learnt to crawl in Val D'Isere, but it was a painful week. He must have been about 8-9 mo. The altitude did not help, and not only did it affect his sleeping, but he came home with a nasty bug he'd caught in the crèche.

The following year, we left him with granny...

I'd go and stay in a chalet with a nanny to look after them, rather than put them in a crèche in a hotel. That way, at least you avoid the bugs circulating.

bakingtins Sat 20-Dec-14 08:03:39

We did it when Ds2 was about 10 months, only because Dh's parents were paying ( big family holiday for an important anniversary) We had a family chalet with a nanny who looked after ds2 and his cousin, Ds1 was 4 and went to half days at ski school. I was BF and returned at lunchtime to do a feed, which restricted my skiing a bit but it was still worthwhile. I wouldn't do it with a younger baby - too many feeds/changes to fit in plus disturbed nights. I definitely wouldn't ski or board with a baby in a carrier though I've seen the French do it. What if you had a fall and hurt them? Madness.
We haven't been able to go as a family since, now older one is in school it's prohibitively expensive. DH goes for a weekend on the ski train (silly amount of travelling for a single day of skiing) with a friend.

LIZS Sat 20-Dec-14 08:03:39

It would be hardwork , often too cold to take them out for long and they get cold and frustrated when they can't move about as easily. Are you imagining that your ds2 would be carried while dh was skiing , that is seriously discouraged. Even the best skiers can be involved I accidents and they won't allow it on lifts. Ears are another issue with altitude in small children as they are very sensitive to change of pressure.

MinceSpy Sat 20-Dec-14 08:12:18

I think your being unrealistic. Your going to need childcare whilst your skiing. Your 2 year old might not like being strapped on to fast moving daddy and what happens if he falls with child strapped on? Altitude can be an issue for babies. I'd think of another holiday or leave children at home if you have adequate child care such as indulgent grandparents.

cathyandclaire Sat 20-Dec-14 08:19:05

We did it twice, for full a week- once with a nanny, once with an Esprit creche. It was utterly knackering and other than a long weekend where we left them with my parents we put skiing on hold until they were old enough to do it themselves.

If you go for it I would use a nanny service if you can, for two it was not much more expensive and they were happy to bring the kids up the mountain to meet us for lunch.

We are both capable of skiing with them on us but I wouldn't tbh, you can control your own skiing but not everyone else and I don't think it would be much fun for a baby.

cathyandclaire Sat 20-Dec-14 08:20:49

A full week^^

Only1scoop Sat 20-Dec-14 08:21:57

We went went dd was a way would we have done the 'wearing' thing. We used a company which includes a nanny for 5 hours a day. With two.... and one being so little Id probably not to be honest.

LoxleyBarrett Sat 20-Dec-14 08:32:29

We've done it when our three were all young.
DS1 - 12 months
DS2 - 8 months
DS3 - 5 months

It was fine. Be prepared, be organised and spend a bit less time on the snow. We have travelled with Ski2 since having DS3 as he was so young. A fantastic company who really go out of their way to make your holiday special - they used to bring DS3 up the mountain at lunch so I could feed him. Our boys are older now and really do have the ski bug - they all race and can't wait for thier holiday this year.

fififolle Sat 20-Dec-14 08:35:42

Why don't you try Esprit? We've been going with them since DS was 11 months. The childcare is superb.

Tiredemma Sat 20-Dec-14 08:36:10

I dont think its worth the effort.

We ski most years but now DD (15months) is here we dont plan to even put ourselves through the hassle until she is approx 4.
DS2 was 3 when he started skiing and I dont remember the first two skiing holidays being anything other than extremely hard work.

usefully Sat 20-Dec-14 08:37:14

Please don't let your husband wear one of the dcs while he's skiing.

My DH is an excellent skier but there is no way he'd risk carrying one of the kids. It's just too easy for something to happen to them, either he falls (it happens!) or someone else goes into him.

It's just too risky, it doesn't matter how good you are.

LoxleyBarrett Sat 20-Dec-14 08:38:29

Please don't ever wear a baby while skiing - it is far too dangerous. A Canadian instructor told us of two babies who died while being carried. One from hypothermia and one from a broken neck.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 20-Dec-14 08:40:16

esprit and other similar outfits dont even allow kids that young in the crèche. Esprit are definitely from 17 weeks onwards.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 20-Dec-14 08:41:59

Oh and you'd be mad if dh "wore" your baby. It only takes an out of control skier to crash into him and kill the baby. Doesn't matter how good your dh is.

Krustyandthekids Sat 20-Dec-14 08:45:54

Agree about not wearing the baby! It's even colder when you factors in the wind chill. I'm a good skier and was told that it would be madness to wear a baby by a friend who's raised both their kids in a ski resort as they often get affected by the altitude in different ways than adults and there's also the possibility of getting wiped out by less experienced skiers. Please don't do it.

We left the baby at home (with granny) and took DS1 when he was 5. Was brilliant as he could go to ski school and have fun too!

fififolle Sat 20-Dec-14 08:55:46

Oops, sorry, I misread the ages- I think that 3mo is a bit early.

Artandco Sat 20-Dec-14 08:58:54

We have skied every year since ours were born. Ds1 was 3 months first time, ds2 9 months. From 2 years they had lessons.

So your eldest could have lessons . You need a private instructor at this age, or your dh can practice on nursery slopes with them

One of you skis whilst the other watches children. Or take granny or a nanny with you

We always ski as a large family group so always someone around to swap childcare. At under 2 years stage We mainly took turns who skied each morning, all met for lunch, then both skiied after lunch whilst children napped in chalet with granny. Then late afternoons went sleigh rides/ snow walks as family

This year they will be 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 . Both will have lessons 10-12.30 daily with private instructor. This is when dh and I ski together. After we take turns, or take children with us if they want more skiing after lunch . Ds1 (4), has spent 5 weeks skiing over last 2 seasons, ds2 (3), skiied 3 weeks last season.

Artandco Sat 20-Dec-14 09:01:41

Oh and you cannot ski with a baby strapped to you! They wouldn't even let you get on the ski lift

Goingintohibernation Sat 20-Dec-14 09:02:06

We took DS when he was 3 months, and again when he was about 2 and 4. At 3 months it was fine. We had a nanny for the mornings so we could ski and took it in turns to go back in the afternoons. He was a very easy baby who just slept all the time, and that didn't change on holiday.

At 2 he went into what looked like a lovely nursery where they did a lot of playing games in the snow. Unfortunately despite loving nursery at home he absolutely hated it and we had to stop sending him after a couple of days as he was miserable.

At 4 he did ski school, and refused to be left, so we had to take it in turns to stay and watch.

We've been the last two years when he was 5 and 6 and it has been brilliant. He has now really taken to skiing, and wears me out trying to keep up with him.

We did enjoy all the trips, but it was very hard work when he was little. I think in retrospect we might have been better off waiting a couple of years TBH. It did work well staying in a chalet so we could get him to bed early and stay up for the evening knowing he was safe upstairs.

MaybeDoctor Sat 20-Dec-14 09:10:29

I would wait a year, then go with esprit or nanny.

Definitely don't think of wearing either of them - I am sure that I saw a note on the BabyBjorn carrier instructions saying 'Not to be used while skiing', so even the Scandinavians think it is a bad idea....

SanityClause Sat 20-Dec-14 09:20:17

We never tried with a baby, but when DS was 3, we thought he could be left in ski school for half a day. Well, he couldn't. So, I looked after him in the mornings, instead.

This was February half term, and we booked again at the same place at Easter of the same year (we have a friend with a house there, so cheap accommodation for us) and DH was going to look after DS, and give me a chance to ski some more. But that six weeks seemed to make all the difference, and DS went happily into ski school, and I got to ski much more. (To be fair to DH, he did most of the looking after of DS in the afternoons, both times, as he was confident to ski with DS holding on between his legs.)

So, IME, you need to be quite flexible in your approach, which can be easier said than done, considering the cost of everything.

Also, your DH wearing your baby just won't work. How would you protect his head? He couldn't wear a helmet.

So, nanny and/or nursery, and an acceptance that you might not get to ski all that much while there.

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