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Soooo excited - we were going to be frugal, but we cracked!! 2015 booked!

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OwlMother Sat 01-Nov-14 14:37:48

We were going to economise and drop the ski holiday. But winter has closed in and we need something to look forward to. And DS1 is getting older and how much longer will he want to holiday with us for? And DS1 and DD1 both are away with school in the summer so summer plans are a bit up in the air. And DH decided that there was no point working all hours without a bit of fun…….

So, we've booked it! Not as fancy as previous years but a skiing holiday none the less. And we haven't told the dc - might tell ds1 it's his christmas present as he's the one who was most sad at the prospect of not going! Had to tell someone - you lot- because I think I may bore bore people in RL!

MoonlightOnRoses Sat 01-Nov-14 23:41:48

grin - tell away! Where are you off to?

OwlMother Sun 02-Nov-14 06:27:00

Same place as last year- Ellmau in Austria. We're going during the February half term week. Dithered a lot as we couldn't get our heads round the price of flights. Toyed with the idea of taking the kids out of school for a few days at the end of the Christmas hols, to have a week at the beginning of January but decided against. Ds1 is starting his Nat 5 courses and dh is self employed so needs to spread out when he takes time off. But it would have been half the cost!!!! Roll on the time when were not school holiday dependent!

icklekid Sun 02-Nov-14 06:37:43

Enjoy, am jealous but also just to say from personal experience never get to old to go on a skiing holiday with my parents (especially if they offer to pay for flights/drive/accommodation wink )

Carol1379 Mon 03-Nov-14 12:00:35

Woo woo !! How exciting, ours is booked for Easter 2015 !! Just had a weekend away with the 2 other families that we are going with, we are all so excited, we were thinking it may be our last, but no way !!! we love our skiing and work hard enough to pay for it !!!

clam Tue 04-Nov-14 21:59:51

We were going to ditch the idea too, as dh couldn't get half term off (which is the only week in the whole season the rest of us can go), but we've managed to wangle going the Monday evening and coming back on the Sunday.

Yippee! grin It's the only thing that gets me through January.

MoonlightandRoses Tue 04-Nov-14 22:46:32

Celebratory wine all round I think. Here's to a happy, snowy, season for all!

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