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Tignes - Ski School for 3 year old?

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alp Tue 26-Sep-06 22:13:46

Hi - We have just booked to go with friends to tignes - Our DD will be 3yrs 8months and want to get her on skis ASAP - any one with any experiences of ski schools out there?

lapsedrunner Tue 26-Sep-06 22:47:39

Is this a reward for zooming round the Windsor Half eh . Sorry can't help with Tignes ski schools though!

snorkle Tue 26-Sep-06 22:59:12

Message withdrawn

cooperflykiller Wed 27-Sep-06 18:35:01

Tignes is a great area to ski - lots to do with the kids. And I agree - Evolution 2 ski school was fab for my boys.

alp Wed 27-Sep-06 21:49:50

lapsedrunner - fingers crossed! Might enter another race if I start a race/holiday reward scheme!
Thanks everyone Evolution2 looks like the one to go for

elastamum Sun 08-Oct-06 23:13:09

I wouldnt bother, We have had our boys on skis since very young and you have to be prepared for them not to want to go. Dont go anywhere near the ESF and most ski schools wont wont take under 4. They are not strong enough and dont have a good time. I watched my 4 year old in class and had to go and get him as I couldnt bear it. Now they are older they are hanving fun and our eldest (7) can ski reds and the odd black but I dont make them go if they dont want to or if the weather is bad

binkacat Tue 17-Oct-06 14:25:35

I'll second Evolution 2 been brill, a lot better than ESF. They even have a full size yeti to give out the medals at the end of the week!

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