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Easter trip with excellent ski instruction. Obergurgl? Avoriaz? Elsewhere?

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FairyPenguin Mon 01-Sep-14 17:39:15

Having just had 3 x 1 hour private lessons at a snowdome, our children have been convinced to go on their first skiing holiday next year. We have decided to go for Easter rather than New Year as much cheaper and warmer for the children (who will be 5 and 8 ).

Have read up on quite a few resorts online, and we are thinking of either Obergurgl or Avoriaz. Are these good choices or has anyone got any other recommendations, please?

What we want is:
- 7 days either week before or after Easter
- flights from Gatwick
- short transfer (up to 2 hours)
- as snow sure as we can try and make it for Easter (obviously aware there is no guarantee)
- accommodation close to where the ski lessons would meet
- excellent English-speaking ski instructor for the children (thinking around 4 x 2-hour private lessons)
- We do not need childcare but if there is an option of a kids club for a couple of afternoons so we could have a longer skiing session then that would be a bonus.
- catered accommodation, either in a hotel or chalet-hotel, for a family of 4
- swimming pool at hotel or in resort would be nice for an afternoon activity.
- My husband and I are intermediates and would like some blues and easy reds within easy access while the children are in their lessons, but doesn't need to be extensive as it will only be for 2-hour blocks.

We have done package holidays and DIY trips as a couple and in groups so are happy to organise things ourselves, but have never been so late in the season so all the resorts we have been to in the past aren't suitable.

We have found one hotel in Obergurgl which is quite expensive - we would much rather have a cheaper hotel and spend the money on the private tuition. We would consider apartments if that is the one thing we'd have to compromise on.

We desperately want to make sure we get the first skiing trip right so that the children get the skiing bug, hence the private lessons and being happy to ski less ourselves this first time, and happy to pay more than we normally would to get it right.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

FairyPenguin Mon 01-Sep-14 21:49:54

Hopeful bump...

Lasvegas Mon 08-Sep-14 13:43:10

Italy Cervinia is pretty much snow sure at Easter, would highly reccomend hotel at bottom of the slope call Astoria Planet. ticks all boxes except childcare and pool. Though village does have an ice rink.

The tourist information there will arrange a mini bus pick up from Turin airport if you don't want to hire a car.

FairyPenguin Mon 08-Sep-14 22:23:54

Thanks - will have a look at that. Currently also looking at Montgenevre which is also close to Turin.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 08-Sep-14 22:30:57

Tignes. Though its a longer transfer. Evolution 2 are a great ski school there.

Courchevel. Esprit have a nice chalet hotel in a fab location.

Val disere. Don't be put off by tales of it not been a beginners resort. You can take the bubble back into town and there's plenty of easier stuff higher up. Oxygene are a great ski school in Val. lovely pool in the resort as well.

FairyPenguin Tue 09-Sep-14 18:38:11

Thank you. Will have a look but sure we dismissed Val D and Tignes already for some reason (maybe not good snow record in April?). Will have another look though.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 09-Sep-14 18:48:10

You can ski in Tignes in August!

MrsBobDobalina Tue 09-Sep-14 19:16:18

Have you considered Finland? There's a resort called Ruka which should tick all your boxes.

born2ski Wed 10-Sep-14 15:33:03

I went to Obergurgl last year with Esprit and stayed in Chalet Alpenblume, we simply couldn't fault it! A lovely family friendly resort with enough entertainment and great skiing for myself and DH. The kids had a fabulous time with the Rangers and got on famously with their ski instructors who all spoke a great level of English! We have holidayed with esprit for years now and don't have a negative word to say about them.

Iwantapony Wed 10-Sep-14 22:04:30

We've been to La Plagne for the past 3 years (the last two at Easter). Oxygene ski school is great and the resort is high and lots of blues and reds. It isn't close to Geneva but if you can take the Eurostar it's only 40 minutes from Aime La Plagne.

Iwantapony Wed 10-Sep-14 22:08:36

We're also looking at Montgenevre for next Easter (as a change from La Plagne). It sounds promising - any pointers would be great

FairyPenguin Thu 11-Sep-14 15:00:48

Thanks for all the replies. Have looked into all the resorts mentioned - all look good. After some e-mails to ski schools (and finding out a lot are already fully booked for morning lessons!), we have decided on Montgenevre. It's a short transfer from Turin, the ski school and beginners area are highly recommended and it's a small quiet resort which is just what we are looking for. Just got to get booking.

FairyPenguin Thu 11-Sep-14 15:05:06

iwantapony - the ski school I have seen recommendations for is A-Peak in Montgenevre. The ski groups are max of 6 children. Meeting point is central and they offer a free shuttle from the new part of the village if you are staying at that end (apartments Le Hameau or Dolines).

We have an eye on the new Napoleon apartments too as they are more central. At least one of the ski rental shops has ski lockers which would be very handy.

Looks like a lunchtime resort rather than evening, so we are looking at eating out after lessons, then back at apartment to cook a light meal in the evenings.

FairyPenguin Thu 11-Sep-14 15:06:31

Will keep this list of recommendations for future seasons (when our DC have progressed onto blues - doubt it will be long), as I have a feeling we'll be going at Easter for many years to come....!

Thanks everyone.

Fridayschild Sun 02-Nov-14 07:45:11

Obergurgl is good because it is so high. We went at Easter to there or Hochgurlgl for about 5 years and loved it. I'd really recommend it. We stopped going because the adult skiing is fine but not unlimited and after so many years we really felt we had rather Done the place.

If you are booking private lessons for DC around Easter book mornings not afternoons - the snow gets really slushy and heavy sometimes. Tired children fall and break their arms...

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