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Anyone had a 2-year-old in a French nursery while on ski trip?

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choucroutegarnie Mon 28-Aug-06 14:01:07

Last year we went to the French Alps with our one year old, and apart from a bit of crying on day one, he loved the local nursery. (It must help that I am a French native speaker and only speak to him in French).
This year we'd like to go again, but I'm a bit apprehensive. I'm concerned that, as a two year old, he may be more afraid of being 'abandoned'. Has anyone had experience of leaving a 2-y-o in a nursery for the first time?
Tips welcome. Thanks

ggglimpopo Mon 28-Aug-06 14:20:14

Message withdrawn

prettybird Mon 28-Aug-06 14:58:41

Ds would have been 2.5 when we put him into the Club Saturnin for in Meribel. He was fine.

choucroutegarnie Mon 28-Aug-06 19:30:57

Thanks, this is very encouraging. It's hard sometimes to imagine what your child will be like in 5 months' time!
Yes, my son 'speaks' French - well, at least he is showing signs of understanding what I say to him.
I think we'll give this a go - if he hates it we can always go sledging I guess!

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