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bluebizzy Thu 13-Mar-14 12:41:05

Well, I have just discovered that Innsbruck is a resort in its own right and has a ski pass that covers 9 nearby ski areas and you can be skiing within an hour of landing at the airport. So has anyone done this and how was the skiing? I have looked at a piste map and I am struggling to see many blues/greens (does Austria even have greens?) on any of the resorts close by. We are a group of beginners/1 x timid intermediate (me) and two good skiiers.


LIZS Fri 14-Mar-14 06:24:02

There aren't really greens in Austria , they will be classified as blues or skiwegs. Have a look at Seefeld, Lermoos or the Montafon valley . All a little further than the immediate ski area but perhaps better suited.

JeanSeberg Fri 14-Mar-14 06:34:26

What about Sölden?

Eastpoint Fri 14-Mar-14 06:42:34

There are loads of resorts within an hour of Innsbruck, Obertauern, Serfaus, Sölden (as mentioned).

I would suggest Obergurgl, a lovely smallish resort with really good lift infrastructure.

meerschweinchen Fri 14-Mar-14 06:54:18

Yes, Austria doesn't have greens. I have skiied in some of the ski areas around Innsbruck, and they were good. Depends what sort of holiday you want. Innsbruck is a lovely little city, so if you enjoy exploring,perhaps some nice meals out in the evening etc, then it would be a nice holiday. Ideal, if you have a non skiier in your group for example, as they'd have loads to do! None of the ski areas are particularly big, so you would want to do several of the 9. The downside to this is you'd be spending more time travelling. You'd need busses, trams, trains etc to get to the different areas, and this can take a while, meaning less time on the slopes. If you enjoy ski in, ski out type holidays, with lively après ski, then this type of holiday wouldn't be for you. All depends what sort of holiday you're
looking for!

bluebizzy Fri 14-Mar-14 07:57:59

Thanks for your replies. My problem is trying to sort out a holiday for skiers and non skier and I did think the Innsbruck location would be good for the non skier. However, I think the skiers would be fed up with lots of travelling so I am binning the idea. Thanks for the other resort suggestions. I am finding a lot of them prohibitively expensive as we have decided to go over Christmas.

JeanSeberg Fri 14-Mar-14 09:53:24

Is the n

JeanSeberg Fri 14-Mar-14 10:14:03

Is the non-skier someone's partner? Are they happy to spend the days relaxing in the hotel or in a cafe with a book?

bluebizzy Fri 14-Mar-14 22:36:40

I think she will be but she will probably also go walking. I think I have found the holiday now anyway as I went off the Innsbruck idea. Two of the skiers are children and it's bad enough carrying my own skis on buses etc but there will the kids to consider as well. So in resort and as close to a bus stop is a necessity!

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