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Sainte Foy

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Yvette67 Mon 03-Mar-14 17:52:18

We're heading to sainte foy - April 5-12th. Does anyone have recommendations for a good English-speaking instructor who's good with kids? Many thanks.

MajorMajor Wed 05-Mar-14 19:44:26

You want a private instructor or group lessons? We were in Sainte Foy at half term and had a fab private instructor, let me know if you want her details

katieshearer75 Fri 20-Jun-14 11:40:27

We used Snocool (british company) the past 4 times we've stayed there. They have British instructors who are ACE! We've stay with premiere neige who organise the bookings for our little ones each time. Quick and efficient - especially over peak weeks when numbers are limited.

Chocovore Tue 24-Jun-14 07:19:22

Just wondering what the snow was like in April? We love Sainte Foy but we are always nervous about going late in the season. Hope you had a fab time.

PatriciaHolm Tue 24-Jun-14 14:22:03

We have been going at Easter for years and it's always OK. They cannon the upper slopes well. The issue is the lower road, which is often closed about then, but you can still get down another blue and usually the bottom red.

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