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Any exp of Village des Enfants or P'tit Loups Avoriaz?

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JacksonBrodie Sun 06-Apr-14 16:51:28

Thanks Kimberlina. We have decided on the crèche in
Avoriaz and will leave the skiing till next year. Hopefully he will settle well there. Glad you had a good holiday in PdS. It is quite a fab place.

kimberlina Sat 29-Mar-14 14:04:16

We took DD aged 3 to PDS 3 weeks ago. We went with my parents so were able to do a bit of childfree skiing when they baby sat. But most of the time we taught her ourselves. Starting on the nursery slopes and ten on the last day we managed to ski quite a few of the gentle blues around avoriaz, chair lifts and all. She as fab. I suppose we were lucky as she enjoyed it and it was warm too. And it wasnt a 'normal' ski holiday for us, skiing style, but we both agreed we enjoyed watching DD progress as much as skiing ourselves.

In a previous year, we used the creche in Morzine (no skiing). It was ok. The people were lovely. DD wasn;t that settled but they did care for her well.

JacksonBrodie Wed 05-Mar-14 23:49:32

Thanks for your very helpful post, Misty. Definitely food for thought. I may do crèche instead so he can play other kids, and leave skis till next year.

MistyB Mon 03-Mar-14 09:12:55

I haven't used either and am a real softie when it comes to my kids so bear that in mind!!

3.5 is quite young, the logistics of skiing are exhausting added with the communal childcare aspect, it being in a different language, even if they can speak English and there is a lot of crying and standing around at that age. However, if he is a robust child, used to full hours childcare and quite full of energy, he may well have a great time!!

My eldest skied at 3.5, went to morning ski school (cried nearly every morning as the lovely Family ski buddy took them off on the bus, stayed with them in the snow garden, picked them up when they fell over and gave them sweets if they cried) and had a couple of afternoons at the family ski nursery. He didn't enjoy the holiday and it put him off lessons, though he didn't like lessons, large groups, new people, new situations anyway!! He now skies amd snowboards well but resists lessons!!

My youngest found two hour lessons exhausting. We did Saturday afternoon lessons when he was nearly 4, he fell asleep when they stopped for a snack a few weeks running and sobbed for the rest of the lesson. At 4 and a half, he is fine!!!

If money is no object, perhaps a private nanny might be an option. It is more expensive but perhaps she might be able to take your DS to a couple of private lessons and then take him on the children's / beginners areas. If you manage to find a company who has other families in the area that week, they might be able to get together and have some fun otherwise it might get a bit dull being on his own all week. I have used Jack Frost Nannies in the past and they have always been brilliant, turn up with a box of toys / books / games for the week and all the nannies have been lovely.

JacksonBrodie Sat 01-Mar-14 21:20:51

We will be in Avoriaz Easter week and are considering childcare options for 3.5 year old son. We think he would like to play around on skis for the first time, so could join First Sliders class at Village des Enfants. But are wondering if it will be too tough to do a full day there, and if it will be too isolating if not many English speaking kids there. Other option is crèche at P'tit Loups. There is a half and half option, but that seems like a lots of caregivers for a small child. Has anyone used either place?

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