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Wengen with baby and 2.5 year old

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Picklebean Sat 01-Feb-14 20:10:05

Hi we are very fortunate to be being treated to a skiing holiday in Wengen by the ILs. They have hired a chalet and we'll be taking DS1, 2.5 and DS2, 7 months, plus my SIL with her DD who will be 16 weeks. Obviously there will be lots of downtime with the kids in the day. I think snow fun will only be manageable for a short while so wondering if anyone has info on things to do with small children there?

LIZS Sat 01-Feb-14 20:49:14

Some time since we went with dc that age but there isn't a lot indoors . There is a small playground on the corner near the Hotel Wengenherhof and nurseries by the Mannlichen cable car - in the same building as the restaurant at the top and at bottom by the ice rink . Otherwise you will be moving from restaurant to restaurant, on trains or the cable car.

MissMilbanke Thu 06-Feb-14 17:05:05

Oh how lovely !

Wengen is lovely and the snow seems to be coming along nicely now... We were there at new year but my children are much older now ...

The high street is pretty to wall up and down with some varied but oricey shops ! The village is car free but don't that let fool you there are plenty of electric vans scooting around.

You could get a horse drawn carriage ride maybe ? Some if the larger hotels have pools maybe you could use them !
Catch the train up and down - you can sledge down from Kline scheidigg but be warned its not for the faint hearted !

Tbh you will be surprised just how long it takes getting boots on and off, checking you've got gloves scarfs etc - time will fly !

Have a lovely time !

MissMilbanke Thu 06-Feb-14 17:06:41

Ps I just Knew you would be on this thread Lizs !!!

I've name changed many times but still see you whenever this area is mentioned !!!!

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot Thu 06-Feb-14 17:15:37

Go up the Jungfraujoch - highest railway station in Europe and scientific platform, reached via tunnel, through the Eiger. Not a huge amount to do once you're there (lunch perhaps, and views if not cloudy).

Also go across to Piz Gloria (other side of the valley) for the revolving restaurant (featured in the George Lazenby Bond film). As ski passes cover the entire region, the skiers could go over with you and have revolving pinch before Heidi down the Schilthorn.

Murren is a pretty village on the Piz Gloria side. Not a lot to do there, but at least a change of view!

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot Thu 06-Feb-14 17:17:34

"have a revolving lunch before heading down the Schilthorn"

Not pinching Heidi, no, no!

LIZS Thu 06-Feb-14 17:18:29

I wouldn't recommend taking young children and babies up the Jungfraujoch . Lovely thought it is, it is at altitude and bitterly cold. Ears may be an issue in the cable cars above Muerren. envy though

lol I have a MN "stalker" - hmm who could you be ?

MissMilbanke Thu 06-Feb-14 17:20:18

Ha ha ha ha whiskey !

I kinda knew what you were meaning ... But a very funny phone fail !!!

MissMilbanke Thu 06-Feb-14 17:24:44

Grin - just your average Swiss ski fan stalker !

Although we are on the school thread too - odd concept isn't it ?

Snowkitty Thu 06-Feb-14 22:19:53

Head down to Interlaken for a day - there is a decent choice of restaurants and shops to wander around, and there is a nice little playpark a short distance from the town centre - if you stand with your back to the Victoria Jungfrau hotel, cross the road and turn left, walk along the footpath and turn right at the water feature / naked statue thing (probably no water in it, there wasn't at Xmas, too frozen I expect!), follow the path past the tennis courts and the park is on the left. There are loos, (not the best by Swiss standards but bearable in a pinch, enter armed with a few baby wipes!), and a good number of benches for parents.

Don't forget to treat yourselves in Schuh (approx opposite the Victoria hotel) before you head back up the mountain - we ladies need our chocolates smile

You might want to think about getting a half fare card from the Swiss travel centre ( - but don't leave it until the last minute as they post them to you in the UK. This will give you half price on the cable cars, trains etc so if you think you might want to travel around a bit then well worth the savings.

You might also be interested in reading 'Swiss Watching' by Diccon Bewes - a recent account of the Swiss and Switzerland from the perspective of a Brit living and working in Bern.

Have a fab time however you spend it smile

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