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Non skiing activities suggestions (staying in Courchevel 1850)

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dldl Mon 27-Jan-14 08:36:53

We are being treated to a weekend away skiing. DH and I have never skied and with me pregnant and a 2 yr old little one, don't think now is a sensible time to try!

What activities can you recommend for us to do in the local area that don't involve actual skiing? Need to be suitable for adults and 2 year old (has very good motor skills and can walk long distances).

Thanks in advance for your help.

juneau Wed 29-Jan-14 17:21:11

I haven't been to Courchevel 1850 for over ten years and it's got a lot more fancy since then (think blinging Russian oligarchs kind of fancy). There may be more shops now, as a result, but when I was there I remember a cinema, a few shops selling touristy stuff, an ice rink (I think!), a toboggan run, snow shoeing, and the usual ski hire shops.

Moutiers (down in the valley - about 30 mins drive away), is a small town with some wandering potential, but nothing particularly interesting for you or a 2-year-old.

Is the hotel nice? Does it have a creche, spa, pool, playroom? That will really help you to while away some time, if so, otherwise I fear you're going to be in for a boring and rather frustrating weekend. Ski resorts when you're pregnant and have a toddler are pretty crap IME. I spent five days in Flims (a small, Swiss ski resort), with DS1 (aged 3), a big pregnant belly and a snowboarding DH. Not good memories TBH.

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Wed 29-Jan-14 19:48:42

I think you will have a lovely time! envy

If your 2 year old is a good walker then I might try some gentle snow shoeing. It is incredibly peaceful and beautiful and you can spot marmottes and chamois. Your hotel may have racquettes you can borrow or they are relatively inexpensive to hire/buy.

Alternatively you may like to take the verdons cable car up the mountain and meet your DH for lunch on the slopes (verdons restaurant is good and easy if walking) or you could go up the jardin alpin bubble and look at the pretty £££££ chalets and have a hot chocolate at the courchneige or gawp at the oliagarchs at chalet des pierres (if you have deep pockets!)

There is a sledge run to 1550 but it might be too full on for a two year old but you could do more informal sledging.

You can get grumpy pony- drawn carriage rides from outside the croisette/tremplin restaurant and there is an ice rink inside the shopping centre.

Chardon Loisirs are good and could organise sledging/more structured activities if you prefer.

If you want something more low key you can get a free ski bus to la tania where there is a kids playground and a acro-bungee.

Prob wouldn't bother with moutiers if I were you.

Have a brilliant trip!

UniS Thu 30-Jan-14 15:05:02

DH might like to take the 2 year old sledging. there is LONG sledge piste from 1850 down to 1550 and you can get the gondola back up.

All of you might like the two stage gondola and cable car trip up to the top of the mountain ( Verdon and Saluire lifts).

Walk up or down the edge of the Jardin Alpin piste to check out some VERY pretty Hotels and Chalets.

The walk along the Piste Cospilote is also very attractive, it skirts the edge of the village, no lift back to the top tho,so check a map and leave the piste at the right point if walking down hill.

Check at the tourist info for if there is any ski jumping at La Praz to watch ( gondola trip from 1850).

1850 has shops and a market once or twice a week.
Horse drawn carriage rides around the village centre.

The tourist office should have a list of weekly "special" events which may include snowshoe walks, aquarobics,or a polo match ( it being 1850 and a bit posh).

dldl Thu 30-Jan-14 20:32:50

Thanks so much - really helpful. Will take a look at some of these ideas. I think these trips are all about managing expectations, and I'm sure we will have a wonderful time escaping to some beautiful scenery.

babybarrister Thu 06-Feb-14 17:32:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VivaLeBeaver Thu 06-Feb-14 17:37:10

The toboggan run is amazing and I could happily spend a day doing it. I've seen people doing it with toddlers infront of them but depends how pregnant you are.

There are husky rides you can book.

We went last year after a ten year break. Ten years ago we could get an amazing pizza and a beer for lunch for ten euros sat on a terrace in 1850 overlooking a run. Went back to that restaurant last year and a burger was the cheapest thing on the menu for 25 euros. Couldn't believe the prices of places now. Never found anywhere acceptable to have lunch. We went to 1550 and it still cost 60 euros for lunch for three. Had sandwiches the rest of the week!

mimolette Thu 06-Feb-14 17:48:35

There is a small soft play in the main resort centre building (where ski school is etc). There is also a carousel outside and ponies to look at/ride.
Definitely do lunch(es)/drinks up mountain. Plus playing in the snow, sledging (you can hire). You could even pay for 2 year old to have one private ski lesson for fun, courchevel offers them from 18 months.
Also check what's on as they often have fireworks for various celebrations.
The bigger hotels have pools/spas - sure you can pay to use one in another hotel if yours does not.
Le Praz is a small cute village that you can get to by bus or cable car.
Eating out is expensive and shops are mostly designer.
For a weekend, I think you will have a blast. A week could get boring. Wrap up warm and get waterproof shoes. Also normal city pushchairs are useless on snow, I wouldn't bother taking one.

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