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UniS Wed 15-Jan-14 17:35:02

any one able to recommend a free ski app. I want to see how far I ski. tried the three valleys app buy it thinks I did 5000+ miles today and I don't.

SilasGreenback Wed 15-Jan-14 22:38:18

I use Ski Tracks. Seems to give reasonable results.

hillyhilly Thu 16-Jan-14 22:25:15

Another vote for ski tracks, loved it (and was amazed and both scared by and proud of my top speed!)

UniS Sat 18-Jan-14 20:30:22

the 7 year old was most impressed that he had covered over 26 miles. Thank you ladies.

SilasGreenback Tue 21-Jan-14 08:46:50

I'm impressed your 7 year old managed that too. Bet he went faster than I do as well!

Peetle Tue 21-Jan-14 13:48:28

Again, ski tracks. I managed to clock up 50mph last year, which surprised me. Many people on my trip had it and there was much apres ski comparison of speeds and distance.

There's also a bug in it which you can exploit. If you <pause> tracking it sometimes registers a much higher max speed than you have really achieved, though it sorts it out when you save the day's skiing. Then, if you change from kilometers to miles it changes the units but not the number - I have a screenshot which shows I broke 100mph, though in reality I did nothing like that.

I don't think I managed 26 miles in a day, well done to your 7 year old. I bet they didn't stop for many coffees...

There's one called Ski Report as well - add the resorts you're interested in and it will have weather, snow reports and webcam links. You can get it to alert you if any resort has fresh powder, though I don't bother with that, not being flexible enough to dash of to the slopes at a moment's notice.

Most resorts have their own apps too, though these are usually just commercial guides to shops, hotels and bars. Can be interesting if you don't know the place you're visiting though.

UniS Tue 21-Jan-14 15:58:50

long crusiey blues between La Tania and CV 1650 and back again.

Only one cafe stop, several chewy bars on gondolas.

IWasThere4Aug12 Fri 07-Feb-14 10:41:01

I'm probably being a bit thick here - presumably these apps need you to have roaming turned on? Doesn't that cost a fortune when abroad?

UniS Fri 07-Feb-14 12:03:55

You need GPS enabled rather than roaming. so shouldn’t cost anything beyond the price of the ap .
I tried out 2 free ones while skiing and neither used mobile data .

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