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Pyrenees anyone?

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Amanda1 Tue 11-Jul-06 13:02:12

Message withdrawn

lapsedrunner Fri 14-Jul-06 16:27:52

Sorry can't help on Pyrenees but I'll help to Bump it for you.

LiliLaTigresse Fri 14-Jul-06 16:32:15

we used to go to Font Romeu over the February holidays, but I haven't been there for years and years...
It was great though and lovely for families.
Not sure how good the snow would be at Christmas
Maybe Pierre can help, I know she goes skiing but not sure where.

DEE7479551 Fri 03-Nov-06 23:23:08

I'd check out how high the resort is because snow can be dodgy at Christmas. I've been to a few of the resorts there and most are good for beginners but the size of the resort and atmosphere is very different from the alps.

You should also be prepared for limited Christmas spirit, it's not such a big event in France.

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