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Which ski-goggles for teen first-time-skier on school trip?

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pist Wed 13-Nov-13 22:09:14

Heeeeelp please!

Dd is going skiing with school in Tirol February and I have never been skiing in my life. Currently she is looking at the Bolle Mojo ones which she has tried and they feel comfortable, however I'm not sure about the vermillion tint, as I have read that an orange tint is the best for all-round lenses (can't afford more than one pair!)? She is also looking at the Trespass Jedward (which she has not tried yet) they have an orange tint and are also spherical. Both kinds have double lenses and can be found for around £20. However I can't see if the Trespass ones are vented or if they are anti-scratch (and I am deeply suspicious of the Jedward name!!!).

Has anyone got any idea?

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