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Book in advance or wait for a lucky cheapie??

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LIZS Thu 31-Oct-13 18:17:40

Just had a look and it is higher than I remembered.

VivaLeBeaver Thu 31-Oct-13 18:15:49

1800-2700m seems high enough.

We went to courchevel 1600 at the end of march last year and it was fine. Though it got a lot warmer the day we left which was something like the 28th. In the village the snow was melting but the pistes were fine.

We had a load of snow the week we were there.

One thing to remember if you need English speaking child lessons you struggle last minute. We've had this with dd. booked a last minute lesson and then all the ski schools have said they weren't doing English lessons, this was in big resorts as well like Tignes. If he can go in adult lessons you'll be fine as they'll do last minute English speaking adult lessons.

Sparklegeek Thu 31-Oct-13 18:03:01

Hmmmm, I asked them to reduce their price a bit which they did, which means the cost of a lift pass is covered. So was going to go ahead & book tomorrow, am now a bit worried re what you said about the height as I had chosen it as one of the higher resorts! I wanted a village place rather than a mega resort, (both for prettiness & also because the big high French resorts tend to have v expensive lift passes which we probably wouldn't get full use from). Most resorts I have looked at in France & also particularly the Austrian ones, seem lower than Montgenevre (1860-2700m)?

I will also ask about the rest of the bookings for the chalet, good point. It has great Trip Advisor reviews so hopefully not too basic!

LIZS Thu 31-Oct-13 16:46:09

I doubt you'd get a package much cheaper, although do check reviews of the chalet as you don't want to be making up the numbers in basic school accommodation or fi rest is one large group, but it might be worth seeing if lift passes and lessons are less locally. Not that high either.

Sparklegeek Wed 30-Oct-13 16:11:01

Decisions looking at a trip for the Easter school holidays 2014, me, DH & DS2 (13). It's our second time skiing & I've spent about a week trawling the web for hours & hours. I want a high resort as we won't be there til 5th April, not a concrete French mega resort, in a hotel or chalet. Any country.

I had kind-of decided to wait & see if I can get something discounted nearer the time as I thought maybe going so late in the season wouldn't appeal to lots of skiers. I've found a website which has some very good prices including lift passes so thought I could wait & see where still has good snow at the time & hopefully pick up a reduction on there. Except I've now been offered Montgenevre, £1500 for the 3 of us in a catered chalet including flights & transfers. Lessons would be 300 euros on top plus £500 for lift passes (gulp!) So then just ski hire.

So now I've got to decide whether to play safe & get it booked or hold my nerve for all the reasons above - thoughts anyone please!

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