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Skiiing with preteens- Austria?

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elliott Wed 25-Sep-13 20:17:43

I'm hoping all you skiiing gurus can help me with next year's ski trip. We have two boys aged 12 and 10, and we have done two ski holidays so far to geilo in norway. The boys had private lessons and are pretty confident now on red and blue - I however reached my limit on the nursery slopes...So I will be mainly reading and lounging by the pool ;-) I quite fancy being able to try out cross country though. I noticed that ski school in austria seems to be longer (4 hrs) than in Norway and this might work well too, as the ds's are quite a handful for dh to manage on his own on the slopes, and they are not skilled or mature enough to be safe on their own....

So our list of requirements

1. A hotel with nice food :-). Don't know anything about chalets so not sure if that would suit.
2. Good tuition for intermediates (ds's) we don't mind paying for private lessons, but if groups will do the job and are small enough to be fun, that's fine.
3. Possibility of cross country.
4. Quiet resort, manageable, not too many queues, easy to get around
5.Travel can be tricky as we are far from London but Salzburg looks feasible, Innsbruck less so. Not fixed on austria, would consider scandinavia, don't fancy France, not sure why!
6. Some other stuff -pool, ice skating, ice fishing or other fun things for kids...

All suggestions of resorts/companies/hotels most welcome!

AndHarry Wed 25-Sep-13 21:05:43

Have a look at Zell am See. It has an excellent range of routes, cross country and last time I was there the lift pass also took you up to the Kitzsteinhorn glacier. Nice swimming pool and ice rink too.

elliott Thu 26-Sep-13 12:14:22

thanks! Will take a look. Any hotel recommendations?

AndHarry Thu 26-Sep-13 15:21:40

No, sorry. The kinds of places we stayed were cheap and cheerful for groups of teens smile

Snowgirl1 Tue 01-Oct-13 16:25:53

Zell am See has won family friendly awards and I believe children under 12 ski free. It's popular in summer, so it's got good facilities for non-skiers and is on a lovely lake. It's apparently a good resort for intermediates. Can't remember the name of the hotel we stayed in there - it was just a weekend for a friend's wedding so they organised all the bookings.

I know you're not keen on France but Alpe D'huez in France is also good for non-skiers and has an outdoor pool that's included in the cost of the ski pass. The pool steams quietly right next to the pistes!

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