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Recommendations for warm waterproof snowsuit?

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SanityClause Mon 07-Oct-13 21:54:56

Even if DD is toilet trained, can I suggest pull ups?

The cold makes you need to wee, and all those layers make the loo difficult for little ones.

IWishICouldThinkOfAFabName Mon 07-Oct-13 21:51:17

Also look at Jojo mambabe Polarteric all in ones. Try to use lots of layers. Dont spend a forturne as it wan't fir them next year!
Take two pairs of mittens so you have a pair to use while one set is drying

marieinkent Mon 07-Oct-13 10:15:03

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Snowgirl1 Tue 24-Sep-13 09:13:52

Skygirls thanks. Will check Polarn O. Pyret and Bush Baby out. Never even thought of Snow and Rock and outdoor shops - just assumed that they'd sell stuff for kids of ski-ing age, but will have a look.

Skygirls Tue 24-Sep-13 06:05:16

Try Polarn O. Pyret ( they sell online too), Bush Baby all in one waterproof suit.

Baby Gap also come out with very warm suits- some waterproof when they get their winter stuff in.

Otherwise, try Snow and Rock or other ski/ outdoor wear shops.

Snowgirl1 Mon 23-Sep-13 12:47:48

We've got a ski hol booked for Christmas. DD will be 2 so won't be ski-ing, but hopefully will be playing in the snow. Any recommendations for warm, waterproof snowsuits for a 2 year old?

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