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Is it possible to go skiing in October in Europe with Kids who've never ski'd before?

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LIZS Mon 09-Sep-13 19:07:23

Some of the glaciers may be open but that is a typical between-time for lift maintenance and hotel closures as European half term is a week or two earlier than ours. Check out the Stubai, Hintertux and Kitzsteinhorn glaciers in Austria, Saas Fee, Zermatt and Engelberg and Villars in Switzerland , Val Thorens and Val d'Isere in France etc However ime glacier skiing and the limited drag lifts (often steep and awkward)are not really suited to beginners and are largely training grounds for ski teams who do not appreciate casual skiers.

Ragusa Sun 08-Sep-13 19:15:34

Someone like ski solutions might be able to put a package together for you....but honestly, I woild save your money amd go later in the year. The week before Christmas can be good but school hols mightn't oblige

Ragusa Sun 08-Sep-13 19:12:37

Zermatt glacier should be open at that time, do check on website though. You would also have the option of glacier in Saas fee not far away, for a change. Few small not insignificant matters to consider, though : altitude - Zermatt glacier is nearly 4000m at the top and you may feel sick and dizzy; cost; possibility of really inclement weather; because it's a glacier most of the lifts are t-bars, so not ideal for beginners.

Wills Sun 08-Sep-13 13:05:12

It never occured to me as just after Xmas! Duh!

Primrose123 Sat 07-Sep-13 21:15:21

Actually, we skiied in Pyha, Finland, and that might be possible in October. It's a small resort, but good for beginners. I don't know if you would find a package though, you might have to sort it all yourself.

Primrose123 Sat 07-Sep-13 21:11:59

We skiied in October on the glacier in Hintertux, Austria, but it wasn't very good. There wasn't much skiing and the weather was misty, so the visibility was awful. The village was lovely, but I think the time of year wasn't ideal.

You could look at the Stubaier glacier in Austria. You stay in Neustift, and would have to take a bus to the glacier, it's about half an hour. I'm not sure if it's open in October, you'd have to check.

To be honest, if you've never been before, I would go a different time. Could you go over new year, or over Easter?

Niederau is a nice place for beginners. There are lots of easy runs right in the village, with a Bobo club for kids, but it's quite low, so you'd have to go in January or February.

PigletJohn Sat 07-Sep-13 20:54:00

agree that October is too early. Go Feb/Mar/Apr if you can.

have the youngsters learned yet? Falling over in Milton Keynes is a lot cheaper and less frustrating than falling over in the Alps. There is muscle tone and dexterity to learn as well as technique.

You will need a high resort with ski-school in good English. Don't expect to be able to ski together as a family, the ski school will have to be sorted by ability and age. After a few days you will probably be able to ski together after lunch.

look at the cost of packages in US, in high resorts the snow is much more dependable.

Don't fall for low prices in low resorts, unless you like skiing on grass and rocks.

Unless you already live in Scotland, put it out of the question and don't pre-book. Global warming has doomed it.

In Scandinavia there will be snow, but not many suitable mountains or developed resorts (I may be out of date here). Canada will have snow but often be unbearably cold.

forevergreek Sat 07-Sep-13 20:34:09

I can't think of anywhere with good snow in October tbh. It's generally cheaper at Easter and snow is usually around in high altitude resorts. Ie val thorens

Wills Sat 07-Sep-13 20:28:54

Thanks, will do.

BikeRunSki Sat 07-Sep-13 20:21:36

I'd be very surprised if you can do this in October. Snow is not really decent until December usually in France/Italy , may be better earlier in Northern/Scandi Europe. Maybe ask Snowheads ? It is a snowsports forum, can' t remembet the web addressbut Google " snowheads".

Wills Sat 07-Sep-13 20:13:36

Kinda hoping that flagging this back up during the evening I might get some responses.

Wills Sat 07-Sep-13 18:11:08

My husband and I learnt to ski at the Milton Keynes snow dome earlier this year. We caught the bug big time. However!!! We have four children at three different schools making out of school times very complicated and in school holidays a small mortgage! Someone has suggested we look at October. This would suit us as astoundingly (sp?) all three schools have managed to co-ordinate their inset days and we have the kids off from half a week before half term and half a week after. But although I can read plenty of articles saying that its possible to ski in October I can't find a package holiday company to do it. As I've never been on a skiing holiday before I'm extremely nervous about setting this all up on my own. There are too many elements that wouldn't occur to me. Can anyone give me some advice?

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