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Long weekend skiing

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hillyhilly Thu 29-Aug-13 10:19:48

I went to Morzine with Alpine Encounters, a lovely lady called Maggie runs a chalet hotel, basically a large chalet (maybe 20 rooms I think) but run very much like a chalet, so meals served all together with everyone sitting together, she does any length breaks and we found it really friendly with lots of the guests returning year after year which is always a good sign.
It was about a five minute walk (along the road) to the slopes but you leave your skis and boots in the hire shop which is only a minute or two from the lifts (there's also a little train to take you around), lovely warm boots in the morning and your own comfy boots to walk around in the evening.

GozerTheGozerian Wed 28-Aug-13 20:55:16

Just coming on to say Morzine and see I've been beaten to it! Came for a long weekend one Easter and now been 4 times. Love it.

For the long weekend I went through which has lots of private rentals and found someone who'd let their flat for a long weekend. Some of the chalets do rooms by the night at the end of the season too.

Tiredemma Wed 28-Aug-13 20:49:45

Morzine s great.

CrispyFB Wed 28-Aug-13 20:48:10

I went with skiweekends last year to Reberty (Les Menuires) for a Mon-Thur break although obviously they do weekends too! Couldn't fault them, and the prices were very good.

Went completely on my own as I didn't know anyone else who skied. I shared the chalet with another couple and another man on his own.. it was all pleasant enough.

It was nice skiing at my own pace and not feeling I was holding anyone up/waiting around for anyone, plus getting to choose exactly where I wanted to go for lunch! I did get lost a few times but it was no big deal as I didn't need to be anywhere for anyone. And you're never alone when you can update Facebook from a glacier grin

magimedi Wed 28-Aug-13 15:43:24

This is quite a good outfit. All hassle removed

LittleEsme Wed 28-Aug-13 15:26:42

That's a great tip Ehhn - thanks loads. DH being rather unhelpful since he can't quite make up his mind but I don't want him to dilly dally so long that I'll end up missing a decent booking angry

Ehhn Tue 27-Aug-13 21:50:51

If you join ski club of Great Britain (£50 per year for an adult) and look at resorts they have reps in, you will have a ready made bunch of friends to ski with. If you have paid your v cheap membership then the reps guide for free as volunteers. I have skied a lot on my own and it makes a differencehaving a group to join if you fancy it. They do from intermediate and above. I've had some stunningly good off piste days (north face of the eiger and some crazy stuff in zermatt) but they also do gentler on piste days. They do organised holidays too, including long weekends, but they can be expensive. Have skied in morzine (no ski club rep there sadly) and it is very accessible, but make sure you go jan/feb/march as snow can be unreliable (was great when I was there third week of jan this year).

LittleEsme Tue 27-Aug-13 21:41:15

Great hillyhilly.
Thanks - I'll look into it. Did you book with anyone in particular?

hillyhilly Tue 27-Aug-13 21:36:29

I had a fantastic long weekend in Morzine last year, 1 hour from Geneva, lots of flexible accommodation and miles and miles of great slopes.

LittleEsme Sun 25-Aug-13 22:20:48

DH isn't keen to ski in 2014 but since landing a full time job last year, I'm sorely tempted to head off skiing for a long weekend myself. I'm a fairly competent skier so I won't be looking for instruction. I may, however, seek out like minded friends for company and to save me from getting lost cos I have no sense of direction

Where could I go? I will be hoping to go either half-term or Easter time (am a teacher) and it will be for a maximum of 3 nights/4 days skiing. I have my own gear so won't be needing any ski hire, just the pass.

I know I'm waaaaaay premature, but I thought I'd start enquiring now.

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