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Advice please on booking a skiing holiday...

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geekgrrl Wed 07-Jun-06 15:05:15

For dh and dd (who will be 7) - they want to go at February half-term next year.
I've never booked a skiing holiday before so am totally clueless really as to where's good etc.
A German-speaking country would be best as dd is bilingual, so it would be nice for her to mix with German-speaking kids for a change.
I guess they'd want to be in a hotel rather than self-catering, maybe one with a pool...
Any suggestions?

LIZS Wed 07-Jun-06 15:13:51

Are they novices or experienced? Package or independent holiday? You may already find availability for half term limited tbh. I guess you are really narrowing it down to Austria or Switzerland by language. However bear in mind that it may not coincide with the European winter breaks so German speaking children of her age may not necessarily be much in evidence. Austria may be more suited to learning the basics and you could have a look at the Kinderhotels or the Family hotels on My as a starting point.

geekgrrl Wed 07-Jun-06 16:01:20

well, dh would probably class himself as experienced shall I put this... he's probably overestimating his ability, so to speak.
Dd is a novice.

Good point about other children & holidays!

I think I'd prefer package at this point because there are so many things to arrange otherwise (lessons, ski hire, list pass etc), although I'd be happy to book flights separately.

karenj1980 Thu 08-Jun-06 00:04:06

fab place, hosts, food, transportation to the ski lifts, lots to do, check the website. my friend runs the chalet x

lapsedrunner Mon 12-Jun-06 19:21:30

I second LIZS on

monkey Thu 21-Sep-06 13:08:36

I'd also recommend Kinderhotels. Serfaus in Austria really lovely for young ones. The Swiss Kinderhotel (Muchetta?) Isn't as good as the Austrian ones I've stayed in. BTW, our school holidays aren't the same as the UK ones or Austrians ones, but there were always plantey of kids around, especially in a Kinderhotzel so I wouldn't worry about that tbh geekgrrl

I've got a Q - may I? We've always gone to the Kinderhotels for our skiing breaks, but wondered about Trying France this time. Dss are 7, 5 & 3 (dunno if I'll let youngest go this year or not tho) Any suggestions or recommendations for France, I know nothing.

snorkle Thu 21-Sep-06 19:10:50

Message withdrawn

foxtrot Sat 23-Sep-06 09:39:11

skifamille in Les Gets/Morzine has been recommended by a friend who wentt last xmas.

snorkle Sat 23-Sep-06 17:41:47

Message withdrawn

foxtrot Sat 23-Sep-06 19:09:31

Agree snorkle, I think Les Gets is a better bet than Morzine for that reason.

Birkie Mon 25-Sep-06 15:43:09

Definitely recommend Kinderhotels and they seem to be much cheaper and better value for money than cpmpanies like Mark Warner..

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