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Chalet La Sonnaille in Chatel with Snowfocus?

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hotfudge Mon 15-Jul-13 09:01:41

This comes v highly recommended in the reviews section of mumsnet, just wondering if anyone has any experience/ thoughts? Having read the resort is low, am worried about risk of poor snow (we're going early feb). Also, how is acces to slopes? Any general thoughts/comments/tips much appreciated!

sinclair Sat 20-Jul-13 11:18:14

Love this chalet and the operators. They have masses of experience in the family market, live out there with their family and make it as easy as possible, collecting from the airport (or train goes to nearby Aigle) and sorting out ski hire etc.

Specific to your concerns, they will drive you to the snow - they tend to use the Lindarets valley rather than Super Chatel ski area - but we have never had problems even into Easter in Portes du Soleil. Les Gets is low but unless you are very ambitious you won't get over there. Snowfocus organise the childcare/ski lessons so you don't have to worry about the kids all day, (unless you want to family ski of course) and will drop you/collect you and some days offer a guiding service so you get a really good ski day.

We have done Snowfocus when the children were young a number of times and once with the DCs ski-ing and all times had excellent time. Definitely prefer the personal touches over the other family operators. PM me if you have any more specific questions!

totiredtothinkofafunnyname Fri 27-Dec-13 11:25:23

Sorry - found your thread very late! Not sure what you decided to do but we are just back from a week with snowfocus. Despite all the forecasts of warm weather and rain they found us plenty of snow and we had a great time. This was our third year, and this year they have surpassed themselves with the ski instructors they have lined up. Hope you have a great time skiing where ever you wind up.

JumpJockey Mon 30-Dec-13 17:38:43

We went last year and would have loved to go this year but are stuck with school hols and they're all booked up... The great thing is that if the snow is iffy one one side they can take you to the other - we spent a lot of time on the Swiss side of the mountain where the snow was fantastic, the pistes silent (apparently the French don't go there as why would they want to leave France?!) and the views were just stunning. If it's not too late and there are any weeks left, do book!

kas123 Fri 03-Jan-14 22:33:34

I've been three times and never had a problem with snow. Sue and AT know where to find the best snow. One of the nice things about being driven to the slopes is that there's no carrying skis and poles - all very easy - and you get to start and end at different locations so plenty of opportunity to try a range of runs and see lots of scenery. Can't recommend it enough...always had a great time.

JumpJockey Sat 20-Sep-14 11:35:51

Just to bring this back from the dead, there is a new chairlift being built just by the chalet apparently, so there will be less need to drive about to the lifts and is will become ski-in-ski-out. Hurrah! There's a map on their FB page (won't let me link for some reason)

swantail Sat 01-Nov-14 15:52:43

Highly recommend this chalet. It has the perfect set up for family skiing and now it is even better as it will be right next to the new ski lifts.
If what you want from your holiday is great skiing, great food, happy children, beautiful views and just a general feeling of relaxation and being spoilt... Well you can't find better.
The children's ski school set up and how this fits in with the childcare (dedicated 'ski nanny') was a big plus for us.

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