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I know nothing, nothing at all about skiing but have said "yes" to ds going on the school trip

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JenaiMorris Fri 24-May-13 11:05:35

I'm rather hoping that the school will do a presentation evening or something and at least give us a kit list, but what else do I need to know?

Do I need to send him to the gym (he's "not the most athletic of boys" according to his PE teacher - he was being polite)?

Will he be terrified of the ski lifts? Can you fall out of ski lifts? I know there was a tragic accident earlier this year in the news - but thousands of children go on ski trips every year and they come back in one piece as a rule, don't they?

Is Sports Direct kit good enough?

What else haven't I thought of that I need to panic about?

WandaTheWalrus Thu 30-May-13 19:41:48

Our school had a kit evening where a specialist schools skiwear company came, and we could, if necessary, hire sallopettes and jackets before they went. They were selling inexpensive socks, gloves, base layers, goggles, pass holders etc on the night.

school also organised dry slope lessons.

SanityClause Thu 30-May-13 19:47:11

eBay is also good for ski kit. Children often grow out of kit before it's well worn.

Primrose123 Thu 30-May-13 19:52:44

Jenai, the school will give you a list. I have found tog24 very good. There's an outlet near us, and the quality is good, and the prices aren't ridiculous.

Just to reassure you, I was never terribly sporty at school. I could ride a bike, but couldn't take my hands off the handlebars! I went skiing with the school and took to it really easily. I started getting better than the 'sporty' ones - they didn't like that. grin

I love skiing and have been nearly every year since I left school.

I would definitely recommend a few lessons on an indoor snow slope, or even a dry slope. Don't be put off by a dry slope though, it's much harder than skiing on real snow.

I'm sure he'll have a great time!

SilasGreenback Thu 30-May-13 20:07:13

Get him 2 pairs of gloves/mittens. My similar age dss are very good skiers but still get really wet gloves because whenever they get the chance they throw snowballs!

Sending my boys on their first school ski trip next February and despite the fact they have been skiing for years and regularly ride the chair lift alone I am still concerned they will show off and fall off somehow. I would rather they were scared and clung to the back of the chair!

JenaiMorris Thu 30-May-13 20:15:44

I daren't buy ds any clothing at all until days before he needs it - the child shoots up six inches overnight then kind of plateaus for a while grin

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