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Thoughts on Ecole Ski Francais and/or Oz en Oisans

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theoriginalandbestrookie Sun 05-May-13 08:47:05

In what I now realise might have been a foolish move, we have booked flights to Grenoble at Feb half term.

We have some friends near Serre Chevalier and they knew someone who could rent us a flat cheaply, but they are now moving.

I'm looking at Oz en Oisans and it looks perfect for us and there seems to be better availability of accommodation, plus you get more for your money. I have just one concern and that the only ski school available is Ecole Ski Francais. What is this like for children? DS is 7 and not much of a joiner, but we do want him to go into ski school for a couple of hours a day so he can learn more we can get some child free skiing.

Any thoughts welcome, as are any on the merits of Oz versus Serre.


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