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SnowBizz for older children - a good choice?

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ladydepp Mon 15-Apr-13 16:25:18

We recently came back from our second skiing holiday, we had a fabulous time. The chalet we used is fully booked for Feb halfterm 2014 and I have been looking into Snowbizz as an alternative. I was just wondering if anyone has an opinion on whether it would be ok for my 11 year twin boys who have loved skiing and are now confidently doing red runs.

We will also be taking my 6yo who it looks perfect for, but I don't want my older children ending up bored.

Any help or advice appreciated!!!

ladydepp Tue 16-Apr-13 10:26:19

hopeful bump.....

greygirl Tue 23-Apr-13 12:26:56

Hello, i think snowbizz would be good for your twins (but i must confess i love snowbizz and have been 4 years in a row). The last 2 years we have been there have ben 11 year olds and they have had a great time.
the reasons i think it would be good are:
a) the skiing would suit them - plenty of redruns, snowpark, blacks and little runs throught the trees
b) they could possibly have some independance - certainly at the top ski area, as long as they could be trusted to 'stick to the selected runs' they could do reds and the 6 yo could do blues/reds with his parents.
tLower down the slopes all lead to one point, so there is no way they could get lost and find themselves in the wrong ski resort
c) the kids club may feel a little young (talent show, pizza party, movie night) but at half term there will be other older siblings too (but you could ring and ask) and there is an evening pub quiz at about 9pm you could take them to.
d) they often do race training for older kids, and certainly the higher ski groups are tackling blacks, off-piste and snowcross/the park
e)the slopes are well maintained and snowsure

If you drive there you can always stop off at la grave, serre chevalier or les deux alpes for variety.

We love snowbizz, becasue it is so easy and close to the slopes (we could have jumped off her balcony onto the slopes), self-catering suits us as we can eat at our conveniance, kids love the kids club. we love the excellent classes (adult and children) with opportunites to go off-piste, through trees or just enjoy lovely slopes. It can get busy at half term (i think that is half term skiing all over), but i'd still go.

ladydepp Tue 07-May-13 19:18:46

greygirl, I have only just seen your reply.

Thank you so much for all the info. I must say it does sound great, and it is so much cheaper than the other half term options we have seen. We have booked it and I am actually looking forward to February half term for the first time ever!

I only wish I had discovered snowbizz a few years ago!

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