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Skiing questions...

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Thebeard Wed 27-Feb-13 14:00:27

DH haS booked Andorra (pas de la casa) as a first famiy ski trip for myself and DS 3 and 6yrs.

As we have never been (w/exception of DH) he has booked myself and DS 6 into beginners ski school and DS 3 into snowgarden/kindergarten.


1) Would you separate boys like this or would you keep 6yr old in snow garden? The beginners lesson mirrors mine for 2hrs each morning and the snow garden is 9-5pm and caters for 3-6yrs with a morning and PM skiing input - albeit probably nothing like the lessons we will have.

Are intention is NOT to leave boys in kindergarten all day anyways as it defeats 'family' holiday plan.

2) what is a good base layer as i feel the cold and am sure my boys ill at this time of year? I have researched Icebreaker but its quite expensive...

3) What goggles would you recommend my DS's?

4) Would you agree the following is enough to bring?

FOR ME: Ski jacket /salopettes/gloves/base layer for top and bottom/snow boots/hats/lip balm/3x merino socks/normal jacket for walking around/choccy ;-)

DS's: As above but 2x mittens/gloves and maybe another pair of bottoms?

Apologies for the multi questions - i just wanted to start buying bits as sales are starting..


p.s - I dont want to spend too much of DH money but he has said he doesnt want us to be cold and end up with stuff that wont last..

alarkaspree Wed 27-Feb-13 14:15:34

1) Your approach sounds right. My ds is 6 and happily skis all day. He would be very put out to be indoors. And he is physically ready to make progress in a way that younger children usually aren't, so he will learn faster this way than doing beginner lessons with 3 year olds. Since you are beginning too, be prepared for him to be better than you after the first day!

2) Uniqlo heattech is a good cheap base layer. I would take several and an extra fleece or sweater, unless your jacket is very warm. Uniqlo also sell kids sizes.

3) Whatever is cheapest, it makes very little difference and they are quite likely to get scratched.

4) 2 pairs of gloves for everybody, and 2 hats. If you get a snowy day they will end up wet by lunchtime.

Ski gear can be very expensive and imo the cheaper brands are just as good. My gloves are 25 years old and still going strong, and I think they were from C&A. And the boys will grow out of it quickly. And they might not even like skiing. I'd go for bargains where you can.

fedupwithdeployment Wed 27-Feb-13 15:26:20

What time of year are you going?

Agree the approach re lessons / snow garden.

We ski a lot (with DSs now 6 and 8 but they've been sking since about 2/3). And I think people take too much kit, especially for Easter when it can be quite warm.

Decathlon is my favourite shop, esp for DSs. All their kit is great and pretty cheap. Goggles included. They also have cheap sunglasses that mine prefer on bight sunny days.

My DSs wear a t shirt / long sleaved t-shirt and a sweat shirt (or 2 at Xmas) plus jacket. I don't think there is a need for special base layers. They have one pair of gloves each (they dry out on radiators over night). As for hats - whatever they have at home - while skiing, they will have to have helmets.

Thebeard Wed 27-Feb-13 16:49:19

Alarkaspree - Thank-you ever so much for your response, will look into the Uniqlo!
I have know doubt DS will be better than me as I am very much a sunseeker and a dip in the pool is usually as adventurous as I usually get :-)

Thanks for reassurance re DS going into the SKI lessons... I did think that was the right thing to do.

Thebeard Wed 27-Feb-13 16:55:32

Fedupwithdeployment - We are planning to go in JANUARY and I have heard it is meant to be quite cold then.

After both yours and Alarkaspree's comments I have amended our booking to include DS 6 into a SKI school, so thanks again for reassuring as its all new to me!

I will look into Decathlon too for these items, although may wait a little closer to when we go for there bits and just by mine and DH bits now.

Thanks also re the base layer thing.. If im honest as we are newbies it really is the unknown and its just overload on what to and what not to take on the more commercial sites..

poocatcherchampion Wed 27-Feb-13 17:27:35

I'd only take the next jacket each. everyone really just rocks the town and plane in brightly coloured ski wear!

CaurnieBred Wed 27-Feb-13 18:00:42

If you are going next January, make sure you are on the Aldi notification emails and when their ski wear comes out - usually Novemberish, make sure you get hold of the merino wool base layers - much cheaper than you would normally pay and they are excellent at keeping you warm (I have 3 pairs of the leggings and have worn them lots this winter in the UK!).

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 27-Feb-13 18:06:42

You'll need sunblock as well.

Thebeard Wed 27-Feb-13 19:08:31

Thank-you all for responses so far... I will defo sign up for Aldi notifications as I read on another post the ski wear is very good - Thanks

Thelioninwinter Thu 28-Feb-13 14:59:57

Just returned from Les Sybelles where it was average of -2 during the day and -18 at night!

Agree re lessons, DD2 (not quite 6 years old) was in the snow garden (but probably wouldn't have been if the beginners' average age hadn't been so high) and DD1 (8.5) romped through Flocon/beginners. They were fine doing their own thing in separate lessons.

I bought thermals from for my 2 year old (sale on now) these ones

The girls' ones came from Mountain warehouse, as did my new ones - it has been 10 years since we last went skiing. Also cheap £5 or £7 per top/leggings. We needed them at night or first thing in the morning.

I got goggles from Bolle via Snow & rock for £12-£15 each, decathlon do little goggles for u-4s or Julbo is a French make for little children's goggles/sunglasses.

One thing I do recommend is something I found when researching clothing this winter, a neck gaiter. I got these ones currently in sale at £1 each and they were fab for covering up the bits inbetween the thermals and the hat. The children were all very very cosy.

I bought gloves from all over in sales, second the idea of having two pairs for the children. I also took glove liners from Snow & Rock, the cheap ones and there were a couple of days when they needed them.

Take these, invaluable glove glue

Also, worth considering, get kids salopettes/trousers which can be washed and tumble dried/take two pairs each. Both my girls found themselves having very small accidents as they were up the mountain away from toilets/it took a while to get all the layers off when they made it to one. Plus take some washing tablets for launderette purposes!


Thebeard Thu 28-Feb-13 20:00:46

Thelioninwinter - Thanks very much for the detailed response.
Me and DH are off to Decathlon, TKMAXX and Cotsworlds tomoz so will rummage around for sizes and if nothing else have an idea for the online sites you have recommended.
I have changed DS6 to the Ski lessons and booked myself in for beginner sessions too, whilst DH either watch DS3 in snow garden or does his own thing skiing.

Will consider the 2x salopettes and be sure to bring washing tabs x

Lukethe3 Thu 28-Feb-13 21:50:50

We've just come back from Arinsal in Andorra- also our first trip. The childcare was amazing with really lovely enthusiastic staff. My 4yo loved the snow garden and it was perfect for his first time but if I went next year I would definitely book ski school for him- they get the hang of it so quickly as kids. They did get a lot of ski teaching in the snow garden- far more than I was expecting- which was great. Enjoy. The crèche for the younger children was also lovely.

deste Fri 01-Mar-13 18:06:30

I don't think you will need two hats because you will or should be wearing helmets. If you buy a buff you can pull it over your ears and keep your neck warm while wearing the helmet. I would also put your older one into ski school where he will have a ball and unless he doesnt like it would leave him there. We were in Austria in January and the children had such an amazing bond with their instructors that they had the most wonderful time. I would also just take the one ski jacket to keep the luggage down.
Don't forget sun block.

Thebeard Sat 02-Mar-13 20:05:33

Thank you x

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