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Alpe D'Huez with Esprit?

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wooziecoozie Tue 26-Feb-13 16:50:44

Has anyone been to Alpe D'Huez with Esprit before - any comments on the Hotel Mariandre? Have done 2 Esprit hols with 2 DS and 2 DDs (and DH) to Belle Plagne but looking for something slightly cheaper and with easy access to nursery slopes for 2 DS who are beginners.


AuntLucyInPeru Tue 26-Feb-13 17:11:01

Can't comment on Esprit, but Alpe d'Huez is a lovely resort for families :-)

LIZS Tue 26-Feb-13 17:12:02

iirc it is slightly down from the nursery slopes and skischool meeting place.

wooziecoozie Tue 05-Mar-13 10:34:18

thanks all.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Mar-13 20:53:05

Me me - I've been twice! Hotel location is fine - rooms were a bit basic - food etc excellent. Snow club excellent. We went twice which tells you something I guess - only reason I wouldn't go again is that I experienced horrendous vertigo when I got home. Am fine every other ski resort we go to but all those hairpin bends are not good for me.
Anything other Qs pm me or ask here!

wooziecoozie Tue 12-Mar-13 15:13:06

Thanks so much AnnMumsnet - good to know as I have gone ahead and booked it. Apparently they are doing a big refurb this summer so fingers crossed. Sorry to hear about the vertigo - yikes!

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