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Like Kinderhotels but in Switzerland / France / Italy

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mutantninjamyrtle Mon 25-Feb-13 09:56:43

We have just had a great half term in one of the Kinderhotels, and I am already making plans now for next year smile

We'd like to go somewhere other than Austria next time. Can anyone suggest a good resort / hotel / chalet that has:

Ski-ing for a (just) 4 year old in mornings - not too long a session, then childcare in the pm.

Lots of easy-ish wide blue runs for 7 & 9 year old who learned to ski last season, and their out of practice mother (me!).

A lovely hotel / chalet room with a view where non-skier DH can get on with his writing in the morning, and a hot tub for us all in the evening?

Not self catering, as my idea of a holiday is not having to stress over and cleaning.

This probably doesn't exist, but I am hopeful!

meditrina Mon 25-Feb-13 10:07:39

Have a look at the Jungfrau region in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland.

The main resorts are Grindelwald (lower, good for beginners), Wengen (lots of wide blue runs) and Murren (harder skiing, but still plenty of blue and easier red, also a traffic free village, and because it's the other side of the valley, lovely views of the Eiger). The Swiss Ski School runs in all these locations and does 2 hour morning sessions of ski kindergarten for your 4yr old, plus graded group 2 hour lessons that would suit the bigger ones. There are also creches which you can book into sessionally for mornings and/or afternoons and which clearly have a high standard of space/equipment, and properly qualified staff.

You can browse from the link to see if any of the hotels look right for you.

LIZS Mon 25-Feb-13 15:45:51

Swiss equivalent here, but am sure there are others not listed like FerienArt. Saas Fee , Laax/Flims, Grindelwald/Wengen or Engelberg may fit your other criteria.

mutantninjamyrtle Wed 27-Feb-13 15:01:18

Thankyou! I'll check them out (very wistfully) then get the children working on non-skiing H...

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