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Argh! Skiing in 7 days - worth doing shred?

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poshme Sat 09-Feb-13 16:12:45

Having posted on the ski fit in 8 weeks thread (when I had 6 weeks to go) I'm now panicking. I'm not very fit at all. My upper body strength is good (carrying toddler & regular log sawing/carrying) but my legs are not.
Does anyone think doing 30 day shred for 6 days would be worth it/beneficial? I have the DVD but have never done it.
I know I must do something, but really don't want to cause any damage to my knees before I go. (I've heard people complaining about sore knees).
Any 30 day shredder /skiers out there can advise?

massistar Mon 11-Feb-13 09:39:05

I've done the Shred and didn't have any knee problems. There are lots of squats and things that would be good for building up leg strength. Though to be honest I don't know how much impact it'll have in a week grin.

Just go and take it easy and stop lots for hot chocolate and you'll be fine!

Beachcomber Mon 11-Feb-13 19:30:27

I don't think I would do shred before going skiing in case you strain your knees. I do ballet 'bar' type exercises before going and they are great because they tone your core and legs without putting strain on your knees.

How's your technique? I think it is a bigger part of fatigue than fitness. At least the dreaded thigh burn is one of my major motivating reasons for improving my technique! Not sitting in the back seat being my main problem I think....

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