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Has anyone stayed at the Altitude Chalets in Les Arcs 2000 with Esprit?

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juneau Sat 26-Jan-13 10:15:16

Just wondering what they're like really. Are they a bit basic? Are the rooms tiny or reasonably spacious? Is the swimming pool free or an additional charge? Brochure and website are rather vague and lacking in photos and I could only find one review on Trip Advisor.

poshme Tue 26-Feb-13 19:11:28

Yes - last year. Chalet bedrooms were small - none were spacious at all. Swimming pool was free but was closed due to problems for most of our week - with very little info as to why. The chalet was quite dirty - it needed a good hoover to start with, and a good clean all over really (and I'm not fussy!)
The kids' club ate in our chalet every day, and although the staff were supposed to clean afterwards they did a rushed job, so every day we came back to bits of leftover lunch on the floor/ table.
The chalet was also really quite dark - not very big windows, and the lights were rubbish (we're a family who read a lot!)

Esprit childcare worked really well, and was entirely hassle-free and for that reason I'd book with them again - but I would not go back to Les Arcs with them. The food was average, but that's partly dur to our chalet host being very inexperienced (brought in last minute).
the skiing was lovely but due to the altitude it was very cold. (most days -18)
Hope this isnt too late for you!

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