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Anyone have experience of chalet Romeo, Rosiere -Esprit?

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alluc Wed 16-Jan-13 17:59:42

Hi - I wonder whether anyone has been to this chalet or resort even with Esprit. I'm hoping to book it with the preview discounts for 2014. It will be our first ski trip with the children so want it to be a great experience for them.

DH and I have skiied may times before but not been for years (pre-kids). We used to be good skiiers -not sure how we'll be now. DS will be 6.5 and DD 4.5 when we go.

Any tips also on spritelets vs sprite beginners for a 4.5y.o. Esprit have said she can go to Sprite beginners if she has some experience (we plan to do a few lessons at Snowdome before we go). Spritelets may be a bit babyish for her and seems to be just an intro to skiing. She currently (age 3) does swimming lessons on her own and a ballet class (without parents in the room) She follows instructions well and is used to older children (having an older brother helps!)
Also if they are both in SPrites it will benefit us too as we won't need to do snow club in morning followed by Spritelets in PM. Will just do lessons for kids AM, supervised lunch then collect them for family time at 2pm.

I was going to book flights to Chambrey rather than Genevre- shorter transfer apparantly -will be an extra £40 for the family- is this worth it?

Any other tips for skiing with little ones will also be appreciated.


VivaLeBeaver Fri 18-Jan-13 08:40:26

Y, don't go to chambery. Worst airport ever and after 11 years of flying to the alps I can tell you if a plane can't land it'll be the chambery one. It's notorious for delays and closing. We've flown nearly every year to Geneva and never had a problem. Every year apart from two the chambery people have got there really late, once 24 hours late after been diverted to Italy!

Saying that we booked last minute last year and had to go to chambery and it was ok!

I've been to la rosiere with esprit but a different chalet. Can't remember the name of it now. But it's a lovely resort.

It's been a long time since dd was in spritelets, sprite beginners and I'm hazy on the difference. But if she has some lessons I think she'll be fine. Even with the upper group they'll assess them in the snow garden the first day and if they don't think she can cope they'll move her down but I'm sure shell be fine.

alluc Fri 18-Jan-13 16:26:40

Thanks for that advice. I have booked now and did decide Chambery but I might see if I can change to Genevre now. It's £10 each extra to fly to Chambery and Esprit did recommend this for shorter transfer.
Glad You liked the resort. It does seem to be a good family resort from looking at online reviews.

deste Sun 20-Jan-13 18:23:34

We were in St Rosiere with a three year old last year. She went to ski school and did learn to ski. She was even going up the poma tow and coming off on her own by the end of the week. Geneva had delays yesterday by the way. La Rosiere is a great resort.

loachey Fri 25-Jan-13 22:04:07

Just a point to remember think about for flights for skiing - my husband came back from Tignes last weekend. With all the bad weather in both London and Geneva - the budget airlines were cancelling flights and then saying "sort yourself out" They don't put you on another flight the next day or whenever the next flight can leave. They leave you stranded. The better airlines will bump you on to their next flight (or the next flight) til you can get home. Well, that's what Swiss Air did with his party last year.

Also - Chambery is hell on earth with children during the ski season. Its sooooooooooo busy, its ridiculous. Geneva all the way!

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