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Ski-ing in Finnish Lapland

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LoraB Fri 11-Jan-13 19:12:08

Anyone been? It's so cheap at half term compared to France, Italy. Is there a catch? I know it would be small in comparison, but since we will be with 4 kids under 6, our adult ski time will be limited....

PureQuintessence Fri 11-Jan-13 19:18:06

I have been to Levi and Loved it.

I dont think there is a catch! I met a British family who came for winter half term every year the last 7 years. They said they had been to France in the past, and decided they loved Levi because there were slopes suitable for all levels, and easy to get to them all from anywhere in the resorts surrounding the mountain.
We stayed in a self catering apartment, just opposite the "main" gondola, on the "front", within easy walk of Levi village.

One bonus, the super market sells cut price Mari Mekko, Finish designer items. grin The wine shop sells good quality wine at reasonable prices, too. There is also an aqua park.

But do make sure you have your health cards with you, and travel insurance. Ds1 Injured himself when off pisting into some bushes, and had to be transported down by snow mobile to the nearest medical center with an x ray. It was quick and easy, and not that expensive, but it is worth having your insurance in order.

What operator are you considering going with?

LoraB Fri 11-Jan-13 19:44:37

That sounds fab - and the Marimekko is a bonus (as is any Moomin-related souvenirs) BUT I just noticed I hadn't changed the date on the search and there now seems to be nothing at half term [sad face] those bargain prices are for January...
Thanks for those tips tho, good point about the insurance.
Back to google...

PureQuintessence Fri 11-Jan-13 19:47:25

What operator?

Keen to go again. grin

The last time we drove across the border from Norway.

sonnybeaudelaire Fri 11-Jan-13 19:54:34

The catch can be it can be a lot colder than the Alps! We went in Feb and it was minus 20 in the day, 6 layers needed to go outside. Quite a faff if you have smaller children. We've also been at Easter and it was much warmer, around minus 2 in the day. Or maybe I am just a wimp!

Skiing in Finland is fab though - lovely scenery and no ski lift queues. We went to Yllas, flying to Helsinki then to Kittila.

PureQuintessence Fri 11-Jan-13 20:44:45

We were there in February and the temperatures were ranging between -8 and -2. But we came across the border from Norway, so we did not find it that cold.

The important thing is to wear merino wool base layers, and a layer of either wool sweater or fleece, and fleece trousers inside the skiing trousers help! Merino neck scarves to cover the mouth and nose is also a great idea when it is really cold.

sunnyday123 Sat 02-Feb-13 09:26:34

Not been skiing there but it was -22 when we went to see Santa in dec, very very cold and I believe it can drop to -35!

shonun Fri 08-Feb-13 00:27:33

i went to levi and loved it. it is REALLY small tho... so if you are a mileage skiier it might not suit (i am a snowboarder with high boredom threshold and love to session areas/runs). people talking about the cold a
re right... it got to -36 and if you snowboarded fast you could feel the skin on your face burning... also, when i went there were mostly t-bars and button lifts... was some time ago, so hopefully they fixed that... oh, and i saw tye northern lights, awesome!

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