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A couple of La Tania questions about 2 to 4 year olds - help please!

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LexyMa Thu 03-Jan-13 15:25:48

If anyone on here has been to La Tania, particularly if you have been with preschoolers, I would love it if you could try to answer these questions...

I have a group trip booked in March with Le Ski. We are various generations of about five families, nearly filling a chalet. We have two 4.5 year olds, two 3.5 year olds, an unusually tall 2.5 yo and two under-1s. They are all booked into the chalet's own crèche, which means we adults can have the freedom to ski (or not) whatever hours we like. None of the kids have skied before.

1. Ski schools for the 4, 3 and possibly 2yo. I have emailed about five of the independent/British staffed companies who have lessons starting in LT, they would be happy to take our 3s/4s in a 2hr private lesson together, but we aren't sure whether the 3 year olds would concentrate for that long and so whether to ask for a 1hr lesson price. Any ideas whether the average 3yo can cope with 2hrs, whether morning or afternoon is better, and perhaps if the 4yos should therefore go in the (cheaper) group lesson?

2. Le ski nannies apparently take the kids to the snow park to play, any experiences of this, does it give them a taste of skiing or just mucking about?

3. Are there any other snow nanny services that we should look at, who could pick up the younger ones from the chalet and try them out on baby skis at the snow park for short periods, or indeed can parents do this ourselves? (Some of the adults are novices so would be skiing only part of the day)

4. Any other good tips about La Tania?! Recommended hire shops for kids stuff?

5. Is it worth trying them on the indoor slopes (Hemel Hempstead is nearish us) before we go?

Thanks for advice, if anyone can.

CaurnieBred Thu 03-Jan-13 21:46:02

We went with Le Ski a few years ago now (twice) - to the Marmau - I think I left a review on here.

DD went into the ESF PiouPiou SnowGarden when she was 5 but I know they take them there from 3.5. The Le Ski nannies will then go and collect from there at the end of the lesson (on the first morning DH and I hid back in resort to observe the pick up from afar - if the weather is okay, they take all the littlies from the creche down to the SnowGarden to get them out for a walk - it was lovely to see. When we were there first time DD was the only one in the creche who was going to ski lessons - all the others were littler). DD had no problems with ESF at all and was very happy to go in each morning.

2. Afternoon play when we went involved going bum boarding on the set-aside sledging slope down by the gondola (not sure if that slope has moved now that they have build a new chalet down there) and on a couple of the afternoons they went up in the gondola for hot chocolate (taken in flasks) at the top - the parents were told this was happening so could meet them there and the kids got to watch the parents "race" them back down to resort under the gondola - parents always won. There was no skiing involved in any of the care by the nannies.

3. The adults would not be allowed to take the kids into the SnowGarden area but are able to take them on the little button lift in resort - no pass is needed for here - however, if the adults are only learning themselves, I would not recommend they take the children onto this - you need to be confident on the button yourself first.

4. We hired our stuff from SkiHigher (the company used by Le Ski) but did it independently (through Snowell - but can't seem to find them now). really good service and much cheaper than through Le Ski but it did mean that we had to go to the shop (5 mins away) rather than have them fit in the chalet.

5. We did take DD to Hemel before we went - she had a group session and then a private session, just to give her an idea of the equipment and the cold.

Hope you have a fabulous time. We have been with Esprit since going with Le Ski because we felt that DD needed more of a Snow Club rather than a creche environment. However, their accommodation is not a patch on the Le Ski accommodation and I miss it loads.

Be aware that the doors in the chalets are heavy and your children might not be able to open them - they are proper fire doors, so make sure you take a monitor as they might not be able to get to you if you are down for dinner and they need you.

LexyMa Fri 04-Jan-13 06:53:46

that is so helpful, thank you!

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