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Help with first skiing holiday

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PickledMoomin Sun 16-Dec-12 07:56:23

Where would you go in Feb? And how to book? Do people book package ski holidays?

DD is 7 and DS is 3 so we'd want a family friendly resort. I'd quite like a hot tub in the villa, too.

Thank you, knowledgable ladies.

PickledMoomin Sun 16-Dec-12 07:57:52

I think I meant chalet, not villa smile

Tilly28 Sun 16-Dec-12 08:05:07

Try family friendly skiing, based in La Tania and part of the three valleys! Great for kids and their chalets have hot tubs!!

sunnyshine Sun 16-Dec-12 08:06:02

We always said we would go to Andorra when we took the children for the first time. Has lots of blues and greens, great ski school and also more challenging runs too.

neverquitesure Sun 16-Dec-12 08:12:52

I am so jealous, we can't afford to go this year (or last year either) sad

February is great for most European resorts. I would be tempted to give the Thomson type ski packages a miss, but would recommend phoning a company such as Esprit Ski as you are traveling with children. Phone, don't just look on the website and they will give you good advice and good prices (we always found they came out very comparable with the Thomson type package companies) Mark Warner is also spoken very highly of, but it always seems more expensive.

Catered chalet is the way to go with children. Esprit and Mark Warner both have some with built in childcare options which are useful even if you just want someone to listen out for your sleeping children whilst you have a drink in the lounge.

Enjoy envy

PickledMoomin Sun 16-Dec-12 21:00:14

Thank you.grin

LineRunner Sun 16-Dec-12 21:04:33

The best ski holiday I ever had was a package ski holiday to Romania.

I've also ski-ed in Austrian and Andorra, but Romania was just great. Relatively inexpensive, fun, friendly, brilliant landscape and history (Transylvaina), lovely easy and intermediate runs and the most bonkers nightlife.

I met people there who also said Bulgaria was good.

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