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Ski Leading V Advanced lessons

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FannyBazaar Sat 08-Dec-12 22:27:02

Just wonder if anyone has any advice here. Last season I had ski escorting from the tour rep for the first time instead of ski lessons, mostly I have been booking the ski school for companionship of skiers at a similar level while DS is in ski school. I'm by no means a fantastic skier but probably not really improving at a great rate these days. We went at the beginning of the season and the rep had only been there since a week before so was not the best guide, the companionship was good but I ended up mostly doing my own thing after the first couple of days because it was hard to meet up again with DS.

Anyway, this season we are off to Arinsal which I know is a great resort for beginners but probably not a lot to actually challenge me. There is Ski Leading available for free or advanced lessons. It's just me and DS and he will be with ski school. On the one hand the Ski Leading is free, but will it either challenge me or take me places I wouldn't find (beginning of the season again). I'm inclined to think the ski school is more likely to have me back on time to meet DS from his ski lessons.

Anyone with any experience in Arinsal?

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