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Ski wear for a very small girl? where to buy??

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htleads Sun 02-Dec-12 22:06:32

My daughter is 4 years old and tiny at the moment wearing 18 month clothes. Im having trouble finding decent ski wear that fits properly, which is suitable for skiing, and not just messing around in the snow. I've tried the obvious trepass, tkmax, etc.
Would love some advise.

loubielou31 Sun 02-Dec-12 22:08:06

Try Cotswold's

ValentineWiggins Sun 02-Dec-12 22:09:30

Mountain warwhouse

Waswondering Sun 02-Dec-12 22:10:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

timeforachangebaby Sun 02-Dec-12 22:11:51

McArthur Glen if there is one by you, DD had 12-18 month tog 24 that was amazing (and cheap - less than £20 for a full set).

PoppadomPreach Sun 02-Dec-12 22:12:15

Polarn o pyret

htleads Sun 02-Dec-12 22:13:18

Thanks guys, tried Cotswolds, will take a trip to Lidl and search now on internet for mountain warehouse.

htleads Sun 02-Dec-12 22:14:50

hi thanks, but what is dd, or am I just being dumb

htleads Sun 02-Dec-12 22:18:04

Thanks pommadomPreach - great website for thermals and mittens

Piffpaffpoff Sun 02-Dec-12 22:18:34

Aldi released their ski stuff today, I find it sizes up quite small and is excellent value for money.

We were in Decathlon today and they seemed to have good small stuff too.

Little Trekkers does good outdoor stuff in general and has a dedicated ski section.

htleads Sun 02-Dec-12 22:28:41

Might have to take a trip to Decathlon, thanks for your help.

htleads Sun 02-Dec-12 22:30:37

Little trekkers website is brilliant, think I may of found an all in one suit in gorgeous pink. Shall order and see if it fits.

madwomanintheattic Sun 02-Dec-12 22:31:57

Just as a matter of interest, what's the difference between ski wear, and stuff that is designed to mess around in the snow?!

She just needs snow pants and a jacket, or an all in one, with decent thermals, and a decent pair of gloves, a neck warmer they can pull over their mouth and nose, and a helmet with goggles... I dress my kids exactly the same for messing around in the snow as I do for skiing...

If they are warm enough when they are rolling and digging in it, they are going to be warm enough snow ploughing at 3 miles an hour upright...

I'm genuinely curious. Ds1 was in daycare at the ski slopes at 10 weeks old... And I'm just concerned I've been doing something wrong for the last 13 years!!

We used to buy tchibo before they went bust.

Any cheap European store will be fine. You can get loads online if you want to pay more, from decent mountain outfitters...

trixymalixy Sun 02-Dec-12 22:38:11

what about this?

gettingtogrips Sun 02-Dec-12 22:44:27

Can recommend Poivre Blanc. French company and sizes seem small. Seems very well made.
Or Columbia (loads on EBay).

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 02-Dec-12 22:46:52

Columbia stuff is fantastic and is what our 2 wore when they were that size.

There are some good buys on eBay - have a look at this for example.

madwomanintheattic Mon 03-Dec-12 00:00:06

Yy, my toddlers all wore Columbia. I bought a lovely little sky blue set which dd2 wore straight through from about 18 months to about 4 as I bought it roomy deliberately... blush it's more expensive, and tbh there's little actual difference between it and the tchibo stuff (weirdly, the Columbia outfit crackled below about -20, which I found odd. The tchibo one didn't) in terms of durability and performance.

fedupwithdeployment Mon 03-Dec-12 14:45:15

Another vote for Decathlon. My 2 wore it from 2 - and are still in it some 8 years later....I've upgraded them along the way!

Agree with Madwoman re messing about / ski clothes...amounts to the same thing!

FannyBazaar Mon 03-Dec-12 21:06:01

I also saw some really tiny stuff in Decathlon, not tried it though.

Madwomanintheattic my DS had the Tchibo waterproof set which he wore for skiing with thermals and fleece tracksuit the first year at 4 when he wasn't really skiing much. Have bought similar waterproof stuff in Finland cheap as chips too.

MrsMerryMeeple Mon 03-Dec-12 21:20:43

OP- looks like you've solved your original qn.

For "DD" see here:

Cathy15 Tue 04-Dec-12 16:15:40

O'Neill has really good quality skiwear and I think it starts at about 2 years. I was warned not to get it from their website though as you can get it cheaper elsewhere! I would recommend somewhere like I found they had quite a few ski bits like gloves and fleeces too, and my order came really quickly. good luck! smile

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