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Obergurgl - is it worth the money (and anyone been to hotel bellevue?)

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lapsedorienteerer Tue 04-Sep-12 16:21:23

Hi, haven't been to Obergurgl but have been to other Austrian resorts. Going by your £700 pp EasyJet quote I assume you're trying to go in Feb Half Term?

For the flights try using Munich instead, many more flight options and therefore cheaper but Obergurgl would be a very long transfer. There are many smaller resorts with family run hotels which are excellent, many have pools but you may have to accept less skiing mileage.

Happy to expandgrin.

CaurnieBred Mon 03-Sep-12 21:18:15

Hi there - best bet is to get over to and ask there - there are the real experts.

We went to Obergurgl but with Esprit so stayed in a Chalet. It was a small resort town - not a huge amount to do there - one long street really.

DD enjoyed the Obergurgl ski school (arranged through Esprit). Kitzbuhel is lovely, but might be too pricey.

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 29-Aug-12 03:32:55

Can't quite believe I'm on summer hol trying to book skiing but it's only time I get to organise life. We take my dad (81 and skiing green runs) m in law 80 and non skier, bro in law and this year just two of kids plus me and dh (dd1 going with school). Normally go self catering chalet in France but grandparents would we think like a hotel with pool as and a bit more luxury and we really fancy Obergurgl as hear ski school is good. BUT it's soooo expensive. Just tried to look at flights to see if we could DIY a holiday but Easyjet already want over £700 pp for flights to Innsbruck! We have been offered Hotel Bellevue and it's almost in our price range but trip advisor not that glowing about it and says it's up an icy hill which won't be great for the over 80's contingent.

Anyone been? Or can anyone suggest an alternative family friendly Austrian hotel/ resort - good for skiers and non skiers with a nice pool/spa, good food and not too mad a transfer.... I know...a lot to ask but any help welcomesmile

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