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Okay, I give up... ski wear for 3 year old???

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ovariantryst Thu 19-Jul-12 22:53:52

I really do give up... Surfanic don't make items that small and I've read bad things about Dare2Be zips, plus Trespass just seem a bit cheap. So help me - where do you get clothes for a 3 year old - including base layers and all that jazz?

She'll be about 102cm by the time we go - oh, and to top it off, she's a redhead, so most things pink are out. I am having a nightmare. She's my youngest and last so I don't want to spend a fortune. It'll all be on Ebay once we get back.

fedupwithdeployment Fri 09-Nov-12 13:48:35

Try Decathalon. Their kit is good, but cheap. Our DSs are good adverts for it!! you might be able to order on line - and if you do, their sizes are small. My boys are 6 and 8, and have been wearing their age 6 and 8 jackets for a couple of years...we'll be upsizing this year.

narmada Mon 22-Oct-12 23:34:29

Your DD is is going to be skiing for probably less than a couple of hours a day, right?

You don't need any special kit save for waterproof trousers and a waterproof coat. Really. Trespass are fine. They do small sizes. Age 3 will be fine for a child of that height. It doesn't matter really whether they're going to stay the distance as they'll be done with in one season. For colours, I suggest black. Anything other will be covered in horrible slush marks and mud stains unless you're v lucky to get fabulous, crispy snow cover.

Mittens from Lidl, buy loads, they will get lost.

Base layers - pah. Cotton tops and fleeces from normal clothes shops will be fine, unless you're going to northern Finland or the States/ Canada/ Japan in which case you will likely need proper gear. If it's minus 15, a 3 year old is not going to be out skiing in any case, not unless the instructors are complete sadists.

Snow and Rock and Ellis Brigham are ridiculously pricy - don't go there unless you're desperate. Internet shopping is your friend!

MummaMinnie Wed 17-Oct-12 20:25:58

Helly Hansen make great ski clothes for little ones and our daughter had a really good salopettes and jacket outfit when she was 2 that still fitted when she was 3.

toomuchcoffeetoomuchwine Thu 04-Oct-12 00:58:43

I got my 2yo a Columbia ski suit size 2T off eBay for £12 which was practically new then M&S thermals underneath which worked a treat. Then Bolle goggles for £13 on eBay also which should do another few years. Plus good gloves, if they are cold they will be miserable.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Wed 05-Sep-12 21:03:34

Togg 64 kit has been excellent for our dc

deste Sun 05-Aug-12 18:57:42

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Tresspass.

Beegey Wed 01-Aug-12 09:14:01

Achica today have a helly Hanson sale, good value, worth a look

thisisyesterday Tue 24-Jul-12 16:39:55

have a look on little trekkers

LIZS Tue 24-Jul-12 16:36:25

We've not had any quality issues with Trespass - good insulation and weatherproof. If you can afford it look at Snow and Rock, they have an "outlet" online with lots of big brand names such as Spyder, Helly Hansen, Columbia etc starting in baby/toddler sizes, but equally you can get hardly them used from ebay. H and M also great value.

slalomsuki Tue 24-Jul-12 16:18:49

Trespass was fine for my 3 year old when she went. They do loads of non pink coloured sets.

eBay was great too but only for basics. I also bought stuff from TKMax which was mostly socks and gloves. Dare2be is good too.

It depends on what your 3 year old is doing. If they are standing around at ski lessons then as long as its waterproof and wind proof then you can load it up with layers underneath to keep warm. If its playing in the snow for a short time then it's waterproof that's important.

Get snow boots and not Welles for snow. play.

BikeRunSki Mon 23-Jul-12 16:24:56

I have just, last week, thrown away a Patagonia waterproof jacket. It was 12 years old and had had a hard life of heavy and frequent use.

BikeRunSki Mon 23-Jul-12 16:19:46

Patagonia are brilliant, I agree. Not many UK stockists, but I think they do mail order from the website now. For many years, Patagonia was our reason to go to Chamonix or Whistler, but they have a shop in the Peak District now

worrywortisworrying Sun 22-Jul-12 19:49:37


Seriously. they are perfect.

Odmedod Sun 22-Jul-12 19:48:52

Columbia are great! Go all the way down to 3mo I think, salopettes/bibs and jacket, lovely colurs (don't do pink here either) sell very well on ebay in November too.
I get them every year.
If you're happy to buy 2nd hand red, pm me, I'm sure I've a 3T set in the closet.
But otherwise, blacks and millets do them, and numerous online shops too.

BikeRunSki Fri 20-Jul-12 19:40:44

Google "Little Trekkers", they do great outdoor stuff for littlies, and are having a big sale at the moment. They are local to me, but their mail order service is efficient.

ovariantryst Fri 20-Jul-12 09:39:52

Thanks everyone... I'll have a look at the online stuff. We live in Cornwall, so I think our nearest H&M is a plane ride away smile We don't even have a Primark in the county. Some fab suggestions - off to take a look.

droves Fri 20-Jul-12 09:22:32

Hyra do fab ski all in ones !

I got two of these in tk maxx for £30 each ( they should have been £180 elsewhere )

Size 2 or 3 should fit a 3 year old .

BizzeeBee Fri 20-Jul-12 09:15:29

Try Decathlon. If you don't know it, it's a very popular French sports shop chain, now in the UK, that sells stuff really cheap. It might be a bit early for ski stuff this week!

forevergreek Fri 20-Jul-12 09:12:01

Polarn a pyret. Mid range price but fantastic. Lasts well so I'm sure you can find some bargains on eBay cheaper and then still resale once she has outgrown

Their merino thermals area great and snowsuits. Maybe look on main website for idea of prices then elsewhere to see if you can get cheaper

BikeRunSki Fri 20-Jul-12 09:09:44

H&M stuff superb. I am a massive outdoor kit snob, but the H&M kids stuff is as good as anything (or better) from big outdoor brands like Patagonia and Marmot. It usually in the shops towards the end of Sept.

Lexilicious Fri 20-Jul-12 09:04:10

marking my place for more accessories experience and ideas! I'm taking 5x 2-4 year olds and 2 under-1s this year... 20 of us in total! I had a spate in about May buying everything that came up on ebay in anything like the right sizes. Has dropped off a bit now (I guess people have finished their spring clear-outs) but there are lots of ebay traders selling 2-packs of gloves, thermal undies etc.

trixymalixy Fri 20-Jul-12 08:58:17

try here

trixymalixy Fri 20-Jul-12 08:56:22

We also just bought welly socks for them from tesco/mother care rather than proper ski socks.

trixymalixy Fri 20-Jul-12 08:51:15

Columbia stuff is good quality and you can probably pick some up on eBay. Sports direct do really cheap thermals etc from age 3. Mountain warehouse is good for fleeces etc.

DS had trespass and dare2b stuff last year and it was fine, no problems with quality.

weblette Fri 20-Jul-12 08:51:00

Primark does good base layers, H&M's ski stuff is good (and cheap) too.

Also have a look here I've used them loads in the past and they get amazing deals, there's a quite a bit of clearance stuff in at the moment. Ring them if you're not sure on sizing, I've always found them vvv helpful.

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